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Xpense Tax Tracker (XTT)

Xpense Tax Tracker (XTT) is a web based expense, mileage and income tracking system for companies and individuals on the go. No updating of your equipment or software to buy. Available from any connected device from anywhere in the world.

Our new iPhone app,free to our subscribers, allows you to log you items, answer the 6 questions for proper documentation and take a picture of any receipts.

Please view the site at www.xpensetaxtracker.com

New iPhone app for subscribers

New iPhone app for subscribers

Xpense Tax Tracker (XTT) announces the new iPhone app, for subscribers, is now available!
You can now log your expenses and mileage from your iphone with the free iphone app.

Xpense Tax Tracker
11625 Custer Rd 110-364
Frisco, TX

May 24, 2011:
• App is free to subscribers, to download
• Helps track expenses per IRS guidelines
• Take pictures of receipts and store them on our server
• Save yourself the headache of tracking paper expenses
• Receive free reports of your expenses for your records
• Sign up for only $4.99 per month at www.xpensetaxtracker.com