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Founded in June 2013 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, BES Lab is a software company that specializes in web and mobile technologies. BES Lab’s mission is to create useful tools that can help people deal with day-to-day information more easily. For more information on BES Lab, please contact info@bes-lab.com.



Having more and more photos on your iPhone and being too lazy to create albums? Try Pixtory. Pixtory is an iPhone app that gives you a whole new experience when organizing photos. This app makes it possible to find all photos and videos you took with your family and show them on a beautiful timeline with just one single tap. Recollecting memories has never been more enjoyable.

Pixtory is the easiest way to manage photos on your iPhone ever.

What makes us the easiest?

Pixtory iPhone App is the Easiest Way To Organize Photos and Videos

Pixtory iPhone App is the Easiest Way To Organize Photos and Videos

Taipei, Taiwan – November 14, 2013 –BES Lab today announced the launch of Pixtory, an iPhone app that offers mobile enthusiasts a new way to manage their photos and videos. A minimum amount of steps, using event stickers and filtering, makes it easy for iPhone users to organize and find their photos.

Key features like a multi-layer timeline and Foursquare integration give photo lovers a chance to easily and elegantly recollect their memories.

The multi-layer timeline provides Pixtory users with different details about their memories, such as the day that an event took place or the time a picture was taken. Pixtory automatically organizes photos and videos into “events” based on time and location.