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About PowerFX
Headquarter in Stockholm, Sweden, PowerFX is a leading sound development innovator and content provider specializing in sampling products and sound effects for today's sound production projects.  Select PowerFX licensors include: Apple, Microsoft, Sony, Cakewalk, Ableton Live, MOTU, Propellerheads, Steinberg, Bias, Denon and Nokia. PowerFX sounds have been and are currently used in countless music, film and commercial productions. Additional information can be found by visiting www.powerfx.com


PowerFX Release DJ Samplr iPhone App

PowerFX Release DJ Samplr iPhone App

PowerFX has just announced the release of DJ Samplr, the iPhone app that includes over 320 sounds in a simple “drum pad style” interface with pad tap and hold pitch bend and panning.  You can also record, edit and assign your own samples or import sounds via iTunes.

Great to use in a live DJ setting or playing around at home, just plug you iPhone into your mixer and jam along with DJ Samplr by dropping in some great sounds or mangling them up with the touch of your finger. Futuristic scratching!