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Aimer Media is a UK-based app developer specialising in creating sustainable models for the publishing sector that take advantage of emerging mobile frameworks. 

The company works with publishers to help bring the structure and cleverness behind the printed page into innovative downloads. 

Recent projects include Berlitz Cruise Ships 2012 - A Directory Of Oceangoing Cruise Ships By Douglas Ward, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Species on the Edge, Para Fitness, Become A Four-Star General: Osprey Military History Quiz, Reflections for Daily Prayer - Daily Bible Notes from the Church of England and Insight Guides Travel Photography.

Plus many more exciting apps for leading publishers coming up. 



Art app from Tate, the world’s most popular Modern art gallery

Art app from Tate, the world’s most popular Modern art gallery



Tate Guide to Modern Art Terms, produced by Aimer Media, is an art dictionary for iPad or iPhone. Over 300 terms are defined with clarity and precision, putting themes, movements, media and art practices at your fingertips.


The first modern art app to be released by Tate Publishing, one of the world’s leading art publishers, this guide aims to become a staple for gallery goers the world over.