snapbuds: Solves Tangled Earbuds Forever.


The snapbuds are the invention of a team out of Portland, Oregon that everyday was finding ourselves using amazing Apple products with almost no issues...except one. Our earbuds headphones tangled constantly, were not customizable, and needed more functionality.

So, since all of us preferred our earbuds over bluetooth headsets, and over other larger headphones, we wanted to keep using them and we invented the snapbuds. The world's first customizable, and best, earbud detangler system.

Now, in a matter of minutes you can not only customize your earbuds with the team, cause, or company of your choice, but you can forever have the best way to keep them detangled. All while bringing new uses to your existing earbuds.

We are currently looking for support on Indiegogo, please come check us out and show your support.