medAssist: Personal health assistant

The german developer team marogo launches its iOS app worldwide. Individual health management and checkup reminders assist users in their health management. Health data and checkups can be maintained for the whole family. Country and region specific checkups can be defined and exchanged via mail or the dedicated community platform integrated into the app.

Checkups are very different across countries, regions and user’s gender and personal health situation. Whereas a german young boy should be interested in child checkups, a californian ‘experienced’ woman might reach out for mammograms or other cancer checkups, and the Australian senior with his weak eyes and growing neck pains might look for totally different checkups. The developers of decided to enable rich customizing of their app to manage individually the health data and checkups. Once entered, a checkup definition can be sent via mail to a friend or to a community website. This website is integrated into the app and can be consulted to import checkupdefinitions. Imported checkup definitions can be adapted to the user’s need. Theapp is available in german, english and french. Other languages are planned.iTunes Link: YouTube: Homepage: