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Google Earth

Jim Karpen
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Great Internet-Based Apps

Google EarthGoogle Earth is the second title on the list of all-time top 20 free apps. Like the desktop version, this app uses satellite and aerial imagery to let you explore the Earth. It also offers information about particular locations, including panoramic pictures and Wikipedia articles, giving you an idea of what those locations look like and offering more info about them.

Google Earth uses satellite and aerial imagery to let you explore the Earth.

Earlier this year the app also added a “Places” layer that is similar to the one on the desktop version of the program, but specifically tailored to the iPhone’s screen. When you go to a location, Places are marked by an icon. Tapping on the icon brings up a details page that includes articles, photos, and videos, all of which you can view without leaving the application.

You can also use the Location feature to simulate the experience of zooming over the surface of the earth to your current location. Also included is Google’s Local Search, which lets you search for cities, places, and businesses.

One neat feature unique to the iPhone and iPod touch is that you can use the iPhone/Touch accelerometer to move around. And to zoom out and in, you use the same sort of pinching and finger-spreading gestures that you use in Safari.