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iSpeak Spanish

Mike Riley

iSpeak SpanishYears ago, when I got my first PDA, I imagined a day when I could speak to any person on the planet using a personal language translator. Future Apps, Inc. has nearly fulfilled that dream with its series of iSpeak language translation references, including iSpeak Spanish shown here. The user still has to peck away on the onscreen keyboard to enter the word or phrase, but iSpeak will display the translation and “speak” it accurately. Translations work in either direction (English to Spanish or Spanish to English). The output is very accurate. This is a self-contained app.








iSpeak Spanish


Scratching the surface

In this article I briefly reviewed what I thought were some of the most impressive reference titles currently available. However, there are plenty of other notable reference titles in the App Store, including Robert Chin’s Wikipanion Plus and Paragon’s Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. As mentioned, there are over 1,300 reference titles for the iPhone and iPod touch. This article barely scratches the surface of the solutions available to you on the iTunes App Store.