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Patrick Jordan

BoltReaderBoltReader also has a plain UI with muted colors and a grayscale look in various places. Its sync routine is divided into two parts: feeds and images. The syncing process is fairly slow, but you can view folders that are already updated while syncing is in progress.

BoltReader’s Folders view screen.

BoltReader has a clumsy way of handling the Mark All As Read command when browsing feeds. You have to tap an Options button, tap a button to mark all the items as read, select OK to a confirmation dialog, wait up to 10 seconds for a confirmation message, and tap OK again. Mark All As Read is easily the most-used command on an RSS reader—this is a bit much.

There are a few other irksome things about BoltReader. First, it doesn’t remember your place when you exit and re-launch the app. For example, if you have to answer a call and then go back to the app, you end up at the default folders view. You have to go find the article you were reading and the spot where you left off. It also displays feed folders that have no new or unread items in them. This creates unnecessary clutter in your feeds listing and there is no configuration option to change this. Finally, I found that BoltReader crashed or froze up on me relatively often, and frequently during a sync operation.