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To Bee or not to Bear?

To Bee or not to Bear?
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What do you like most: the bees or the bears? 


“To Bee or no tot Bear” gives you only one choice. The Bee is cool, hard-working, jokingly-colored and is your bro. And the Bear is impudent, smells bad, pokes his nose, where he mustn't and is not your bro. 


We have NO: 

- Stupid zombies; 

- Blood in our game. We have honey instead of blood; 

- Farms with cucumbers and pumpkins; 

- Violence! In our game everything happens in harmony and with mutual agreement; 

- Murders! Seriously. Even one bee didn't suffer in our game. Well, may be just one. No more; 

- Hold your breath! Ready? You won't need to throw something with a catapult. Honestly, no catapults during all of the 10 levels; 

- No birds. Both angry and kind; 

- Towers. You'll build no towers and you won't need to defend anything; 

- No puzzles for nerds. We are cool and funny. 


Briefly: in one place far far away, called Hiveland, live the Bees and the Bears. The only things they enjoy are bunjee-jumping on fire-hoses, mad laughing and doing to some kind of crazy stuff. At that, the bees harvest the honey and the bears steal it. In general, life without honey in Hiveland really sucks: it's boring and you have headaches in the morning. That's why the bears decided to steal some honey and to cut fully loose on their bear party. But the Bees didn't like that and started to fight back, using everything, they had in their bees' hands. 


So, our task is to cut these hoses. If you see a bear, trying to get inside of the hive – cut his hose! The bear without a hose is not even a bear anymore. And don't be slow: there will be so many bears, that your fingers would not be enough! 


So, your part of the deal: 

- blazing reaction; 

- all your free time; 

- all your busy time; 

- your Punishing Finger of Justice; 


And, of course: 

- your sense of humor and a little bit of your madness. 


And our part of the deal is: 

- 10 cool levels; 

- crowds of impudent bears; 

- funny music; 

- a whole pile of achievements – from “Dummisaur” to the “Bee Idol”; 

- a lot of action and crazy beebear chases! 


Join us! The Bears NO PASSARAN! 


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