Update or Restore your device through iTunes

You should always use the latest version of iPhone software on your device. You do this through iTunes and have two options: to update the device or to restore it.



  • The software is updated but your settings and any songs you have on the device are not affected.


    • All data is erased from the device, including songs, videos, contacts, photos, and calendar information; all original settings are restored.

    To update or restore your device, follow these step:

    1. Make sure your PC or Mac has an Internet connection and you have the latest version of iTunes installed on it (apple.com/itunes/download).
    2. Connect the iPhone/iPod touch to a PC or Mac.
    3. In iTunes, select iPhone or iPod in the Source list and click on the Summary tab.
    4. Click on “Check for Update” and iTunes will tell you if there’s a newer version of the iPhone or iPod software available.
    5. Click on “Update” to install the latest version of the software. Click on “Restore” to restore the iPhone or iPod to its original settings and erase all data.
    6. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the restore process.
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