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Electrical Apps for Electricians

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Electrical Apps for Electricians & Electrical Engineers.



Watts2Amps, Converts the electrical power of Watts into Amps.


Watts Amps Volts Calculator, Calculate and convert to or from Watts, Amps, Volts or Power Factor with single and three phase calculations.


Max Zs Values, Let this handy app look up the maximum permitted Zs (earth loop impedance) values of common Fuses, MCB's and RCBO's.


kVA Calculator, Calculate / convert the electrical values of kVA, kW and Power Factor.


Generator Calculator, A must have app if you use or work with Generators. With this app you can carry out all of your electrical calculations relating to Generators, the built-in Load Calculator is also very handy to check the current loadings and max loading of your Generator in Amps.


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