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Video production is a labor intensive activity, and extensive planning is required to get things right. Managing dates, shots, and equipment is just the beginning. This article reviews some iPhone apps that will aid you in every step of your production and help keep your project on track and looking great.

Save the Cat!



Based on the late Blake Snyder's screenwriting formula and books, Save the Cat guides you through the writing process. The app lets you manage multiple screenplays and create logical structures for your stories. If you need some help, you can tap on the cat icons on the right side of the screen to get tips and advice about what you need to do next and why it's important. Even if you're new to screenwriting, Save the Cat can help you create a fluid storyline.

Save the Cat guides you through the screenwriting process.

You can sync the iPhone version of Save the Cat with the Mac OS X and Windows versions of the program ($89.95, This allows you to compose most of the screenplay using your desktop's larger keyboard, sync it, and use your iPhone to review and make minor edits to the screenplay.


Awesome Note (+Todo)


Writing and shooting a video can be a daunting project. There are so many little things to keep track of, including props lists, shooting locations, actors' schedules, and more. Fortunately, Awesome Note can help you stay on top of all the details. Awesome Note lets you do more than take notes. You can use it to create to-do lists, insert images and maps into the list, and more. You can even back up your notes by syncing Awesome Notes with Google Docs or Evernote.

Awesome Note lets you create and track items in a to-do list.

Awesome Note's gorgeous design makes it a treat to use. You can create notes and lists based on a number of slick visual themes. You can also modify the fonts and use your own photos as the background to notes. Awesome Note is a winner that will help you keep your production on track!

iStat – Sys Monitoring, Battery



Originating as a popular system monitoring tool for the Mac, the iPhone version of iStat was introduced last year. It not only allows you to monitor your iPhone's system, it lets you remotely monitor multiple Mac, Linux, and Solaris computers from your iPhone. iStat displays a dizzying amount of information about every aspect of your hardware, including free disk space, RAM, processor performance, and more. The app really comes in handy when you're rendering a video sequence on your Mac and need to keep track of it when you step out for a sandwich break.

iStat lets you monitor your iPhone's system (left) and remotely monitor other computers (right).

To remotely monitor other computers, you need to install the iStat Server software on each machine. This is available for free from the developer's website (


pCAM Film+Digital Calculator



pCAM is the Swiss Army Knife of video production apps. This app lets cinematographers or photographers quickly calculate depth of field, light coverage, exposure, and a lot more. The interface is easy to use and includes visual aids that help the user understand how each calculation is applied. pCAM can be use with film, video, and still photography.

pCAM helps film and digital photographers calculate field depth, exposure, and much more.

This app was originally developed in 1998 for PalmOS handhelds and has been used widely in the industry since then. It can really help you capture stunning images.


Sunrise Sunset

$0.99, pro and lite versions available,

This affordable app helps you precisely track the time of sunrise and sunset from wherever you are. In addition, it tracks "Begin civil twilight" (dawn), solar noon, and "End civil twilight" (dusk). The app uses GPS to determine your current location, but you can also manually enter another location using the app's location database or via latitude and longitude. The app will calculate sunrise, sunset, and other times based on the current or future date.

Sunrise Sunset helps you determine the precise time of sunrise, sunset, dawn, dusk, and noon.

Whether you need to shoot a high noon showdown in the Arizona desert or a romantic kiss on the beach at sunset, this app will help you find the best time to do it.

Top 5 apps to keep your project on track and looking great
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