Perfect Fit, Perfect Sound!

The JH16 Pro's electronics and custom-fit set it apart from other high-end earphones—only $1200!

JH16ProRustI prefer high-end earphones because they let me better enjoy my favorite music. However, even the best off-the-shelf product is designed to fit in a generic ear, and the truth is…there's no such thing as a generic ear! Poorly fitting earphones can not only reduce sound quality, they can be a pain-in-the-ear to wear!

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out JH Audio's latest high-end stereo earphones—the JH16 Pro. What sets it apart from other high-end earphones is its custom-fitted earplugs. As with custom tailored clothing, you cannot just go into a store and buy the JH16 off the rack. Each pair is molded to fit the individual customer's ears perfectly. After you place your order, you need to send molds of your ears to JH Audio. It's a simple and safe procedure that any audiologist can do. (I had my molds made at The Hearing Health Care Center of Manassas, VA; it took about 15 minutes.) I sent the molds to the folks at JH Audio and about six weeks later they sent me my custom earphones.

The perfect fit coupled with outstanding audio electronics (three-way drivers produce double dual lows, a single dual mid, and single dual highs) allows the JH16 to produce a sound quality unlike anything I've experienced with other high-end earphones. In addition, no other earphone comes close to the comfortable fit of the JH16. Typically, high-end earphones ship with three sizes of interchangeable earbuds (small, medium, and large). Inevitably, these never fit quite right. They're either slightly narrower than my ear canal or too big. In either case, sound quality is compromised and comfort diminished. The JH16 fit my ear perfectly and were always optimally aligned with my ear canal. They not only created a better seal (and hence, improved noise isolation), they ensured that the audio they produced was always properly positioned for the best listening experience.

Simply put, these will provide just about the best listening experience money can buy. As you might expect, high-end, off-the-shelf earphones are less expensive. At just shy of $1200, the JH16 Pro is less a purchase and more an investment in your listening future. For more information, visit

You can read more about my experiences with the JH16 Pro, including an exclusive behind the scenes look at the company and manufacturing process involved on my iPhone Life blog (

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