Best Apps: Finance

financeThis category is home to personal money managers that help you track your expenses and income, banking apps that let you pay bills and transfer money online, ATM locators, stock managers, mortgage or tip calculators, and more. Prosperity and good financial management go hand in hand. Stay organized and on top of your finances with the help of these apps.

Best of the Best

BillMinder ($0.99, lite version available, Simplifies life by tracking your bills.

Bloomberg (free, The most trusted source for financial info, along with tools to help you analyze the world’s markets. Personal Finance (free, Track, budget, and manage your money on-the-go.

PayPal (free, Send money fast to friends/family anytime, anywhere.

Budget Tracking

Accounts–Checkbook ($1.99, Lite version available, Designed like a checkbook transaction register. User sets all the accounts and enters transactions.

Ace Budget ($0.99, Lite version available, Track expenses and income based on an established budget. It requires you to put in the budget and subsequent transactions and then tracks how the expenses add up.

HomeBudget with Sync ($4.99, lite version available, Manage account balances, budgets, and bills. Set up credit and debit accounts so it becomes like a register to keep account balances.

Pageonce Bills (Free, A fast and easy way to keep track of your bills. personal finance

A top Finance app (See "Best of the Best")

Financial Calculators

12C Classic ($5.99, Has all the features of the well-known 12C Business and Financial RPN calculator.

BA II Plus™ ($14.99, Has the exact capabilities as the best-selling financial calculator from Texas Instruments.

HP 12C ($14.99, Has the identical layout and functions of the HP 12c Calculator.


Bank of America–Mobile (free, Check available balances, pay bills, transfer funds, or locate ATMs and banking centers

Chase Mobile (free, Pay bills and credit cards, see account balances and transaction history, transfer money between your accounts, send wire transfers, and locate your nearest Chase branch or ATM quickly and easily.

MoneyPass ATM Locator (Free, Determines where you are, locates a surcharge-free ATM, and gives you directions.


A top Finance app (See "Best of the Best")

Spending & Saving

DebtTracker Pro ($2.99, Put in loan/debt info and create and manage a payoff plan.

Grocery Gadget ($4.99, lite ver. available, Track grocery expenses. With iPhone 3GS or 4, use its barcode scanning option.


CNBC Real-Time (Free, Real-Time quotes before, during, and after market hours.

CNN Money (Free, CNN has created a money app customized for the iPhone.

Daily Stocks ($19.99, iPad app is a very powerful technical analysis tool for traders and serious investors.

E*trade (Free, Trade stocks with your E*TRADE account anytime, anywhere.

Bloomberg A top Finance app (See "Best of the Best")

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