Favorite Apps From Our Readers

When we first started putting this issue together, we knew we wanted to focus on the cream of the crop. One of the ways we achieved this was to "hit the streets" (via the Internet) and "talk" to as many of our readers as possible. We set up a "Just the Best" Web page (iphonelife.com/userrec) that allows our readers to submit comments about their favorite apps and accessories. This article samples some of their recommendations and comments. A big "Thanks!" goes to all our friends, partners, and readers who submitted comments about their favorite apps. We'll publish more from this list. Please tell us your favorites at iphonelife.com/userrec.

100 Binaural Beats and Tones ($1.99; app2.me/3009) is an "amazing app that actually works to clear nasal passages, reduce fear, increase focus, stop headaches (I've stopped taking Imitrex for migraines) and a lot more." (Judy Munsen, Sound Designer/Composer)

ArtStudio ($3.99; app2.me/2983) is an amazing painting app that provides a "new canvas for artists." (Corliss Blakely, Professional Artist, ipadpaintings.com)

Easy Guitar Buddy (free; app2.me/2990) gives you "what you can't find on YouTube in one easy package, with musical notation as well as a great keyboard visualization. Really helpful!" (Chris Amphibole, Pilot)

Enjoy Sudoku ($2.99; app2.me/2986) is "an extremely versatile Sudoku game for the iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch." (Joseph Senecal)

Epocrates (free; app2.me/2775) "integrates a set of unique features, such as pill identifier, formulary data, and dosing calculator that physicians require at the point of care." (Jeff Barnett, Doctor)

EverNote (free; app2.me/130) gives you a "searchable data file for text, pictures, Web and video clips, audio, etc.—all kept in the cloud." (Charles Motzko, Professional Engineer/Educator, motzko.com)

Field Runners ($2.99; app2.me/372): "I am addicted to this game. It is the most challenging game that I have found in the app store so far." (Terry Mack)

Fuel Log (free; app2.me/2992) lets you track "how much you refill, how much you paid, and the current odometer reading… so you can see how much you spend on fuel." (Rafael Reyes, Traffic Police)

GoSkyWatch Planetarium ($5.99; app2.me/2985) makes "great use of the iPhone capabilities (to let) my family easily enjoy exploring the night sky." (Lisa Saitz, Project Manager)

Instapaper ($4.99; app2.me/117) is "loaded with information and not your typical Web blathering." (Gary Brown)

Kindle (free; app2.me/2482) is "easy to use with clear, crisp text." (Anne Rodrigues, Receptionist)

MotionX-GPS ($2.99; app2.me/2821): "I love this app for tracking where I am going—when hiking, walking the dog, etc." (Pat Casey, Teacher)

My Timetable ($0.99; app2.me/2988): "Perfect for teachers and pupils." (Karen Barsby, Teacher)

Navigon MobileNavigator North America ($59.99; app2.me/244) is "the best navigator app! We went 2,700 miles and didn't get lost once!" (Christine Rankin, stil29.webs.com)

Newsrack ($4.99; app2.me/279) is "a full-featured RSS reader for iPhone and iPad with an intuitive interface." (Humphrey Dunn)

Pocket informant for iPad ($6.99; app2.me/2575) "…is my go-to calendar app because of the layout and integration with Google Calendar and Todo." (Steve Overton, Realtor/ iPhone Life Blogger, oerton steve.com)

Pocket Legends (free; app2.me/2978) "…has hack-n-slash MMO gaming down pat… (Its) cute graphical style and solid server backend provides a seamless, enjoyable experience." (Rob LeFebvre, Editor In Chief, theportablegamer.com)

PocketMoney - checkbook, budgets, expenses ($4.99; app2.me/2561) "It just works!" (Dennis Swaney)

PressReader (free; app2.me/2989) lets me "…download and read all of my favorite newspapers from around the world from cover to cover, just the way the papers were printed. It's amazing!" (Charles Kelly)

Red Laser (free; app2.me/110): "From comparing prices between stores to buying items at the flea market, this price check app has already saved me hundreds and perhaps thousands of dollars. (John Moffett, Retiree)

RunKeeper Pro ($9.99; app2.me/254) is "easy to use and they continue to improve it; it works for many different types of fitness activities." (Dirk House)

SaiSuke ($9.99; app2.me/2984), a schedule management program, is "a wonderful combination of form and function that really works well with the iPhone." (Steven Voller)

Shazam (free; app2.me/2812) lets you point your iPhone at a music source to identify the song and download it. It's great "for those of us who are terrible with names and titles but love music." (Delicia Poole, Circulation Director)

Sign 4 me ($9.99; app2.me/2994) "helps me keep up on my sign language for my work in the medical field." (Jo'Nathan Moon, Medical Worker—long term care facility)

Siri Assistant (free; app2.me/2332) is a "voice controlled personal assistant app that makes your life easier." Speak a request and receive information hands-free. (Paul Hughes, self-employed, paulsponyparties.com)

Sudoku ($2.99; app2.me/2997) is the "best Sudoku app, (providing you with) different levels, crisp resolution, and lots of games." (Michell Moore, Retiree)

SplashID ($9.99; app2.me/2987) "safely stores in one place all my sensitive information. I could not live without it!" (Carol Coston, Retired Professor)

Tap & Track - Calorie, Weight & Exercise Tracker ($3.99; app2.me/2993): "This is the best comprehensive diet app I have used. I have been using this app for about a year now. My favorite part....it has a BMI calculator built in!" (Kobi Bender)

TextExpander ($4.99; app2.me/2981) lets you "…blog full HTML posts and use over 30 different apps that support TextExpander." (Stefan Svartling, svartling.amplify.com)

Traveler's Quest ($1.99; app2.me/161) is "a mobile interactive online virtual geocaching game. (It's) a great, well rounded system (with) an amazing community of players through Facebook!" (Julianne Gilchrist)

Tune In Radio ($1.99; app2.me/2996) lets you access "over 30,000 stations worldwide and has a built in DVR to record programs." (Billy D. Williams, Asst. Manager)

Where R U? ($0.99; app2.me/2982) is a "fast and easy way to tell people where I am or ask people where they are. (It's a) great way of keeping track of where my kids are or getting directions with a push of a button." (Tom Lee)

Whistle Phone (free; app2.me/2995) is a VoIP app that "allows you to have a separate phone number on your iPad...(iPhone or iPod touch)" (Charles C Garretson, Attorney)

Xenome ($3.99; app2.me/2979) has "solid 3D graphics and a punishing difficulty curve that should leave the hardcore (gamer) sated in delight." (Rob LeFebvre, Editor In Chief, theportablegamer.com)

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