From The Editor: Your Favorite Apps and Accessories

Welcome to the first Buyers Guide edition of iPhone Life magazine! Actually, this really isn't our first shot. We've been publishing mobile computing magazines for 25 years and in that time have published a number of Buyer's Guide issues supporting a variety of mobile platforms.

Our approach has always been the same. Instead of focusing entirely on the opinions of the "experts," we look for the apps and accessories that our readers and contributors use and love. Many of the apps mentioned in this issue can be found in the App Store's various Top App lists, but a good number of them are hidden gems. (If we missed your favorites, you can tell us about them: just fill our form at

If you're in the market for a new mobile device, take a look at the lead article,  "Which iOS Device is Best for You" and our "First Look" review of the new fourth generation iPod touch. Even if you're satisfied with your iPhone or iPod touch, an iPad is a mighty nice additional device to have around.

The majority of this issue is devoted to the best apps we could find. We look at every single category in the App Store and point you in the direction of the best. In addition, we sub-divide existing categories into smaller, easier to digest lists. Whether you're looking for the best board games, job search apps, first aid references, recipe and cooking hints, video editing apps, field guides, surf reports, or apps for your 6th grader, we'll give you a leg up in your search.

Apple lists some excellent accessories on its online store, but it barely scratches the surface of what's available. To help you find what you're looking for, we've organized the world of iOS accessories into 7 categories. Looking for a good set of headphones or speakers? Need to extend the battery life of your device? Want to play the music on your iPhone through your car's stereo system? You'll find some of the best solutions available in this section.

We conclude with some advice for enterprise users about deploying apps and securing information. We also have an article for developers explaining the steps involved with building a successful app and another reviewing the best app marketing books.

Expanding to six issues a year!

Our regular issues are 100 pages long; we had so much material for this one that we had to go to 132 pages. We've also expanded our publishing schedule—you'll be receiving six issues a year from now on, including our How-To Guide published in the spring. Expect these issues to continue to be packed with the latest news, tips, how-to's, and reviews of the best apps and accessories for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad!

Rich Hall

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