New iPhone; OS 3.0; other announcements from Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference

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iTunes update released in advance of iPhone OS 3.0

Apple has released version 8.2 of iTunes in advance of the release of the iPhone OS 3.0 update for the iPhone and iPod touch. The new version provides support for iPhone and iPod touch devices running the iPhone 3.0 software update. Version 8.2 also includes bug fixes and improvements to security.

iPhone and Apps show strong sales in Apple's second quarter

Apple’s Q2 sales figures seem to indicate that the state of the economy isn’t hurting its business. Apple sold almost 3.8 million iPhones last quarter, up 123 percent over the same period last year, and iPod sales were up 3 percent. At the end of Q2, Apple had sold over 21 million iPhones worldwide, and the device is now available in 81 countries.

Apple gearing up to develop its own chips

According to numerous reports, Apple has been hiring experts in semiconductor design and development to create its own line of processors for use in cell phones. Speculation is that Apple is doing this so it can develop more powerful and feature-rich chips ahead of its competitors. Apparently, security is also an issue; Apple does not want its tech strategies leaked by external chip developers.

AT&T to offer less expensive service plans and iPhones?

According to a report in Business Week, AT&T is considering offering lower-priced data plans to iPhone users. Details were sketchy, but the possibilities mentioned included a less expensive plan that offered limited data access. The article also speculates that Apple may market a prepaid iPhone. The thinking is that lower-priced plans and iPhones might attract consumers with tighter budgets and increase the number of AT&T subscribers.

AT&T preparing launch of network upgrade

In preparation for the launch of new and faster iPhones, AT&T plans to begin deploying its “High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) 7.2” upgrade this year. According to AT&T, the upgrade will deliver peak speeds that are twice as fast as the company’s current 3G network. The deployment will continue through 2011. The company also announced that it will begin trials of its LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology in 2011. That technology has the potential of delivering wireless data speeds of up to 20 Mbps.

iPhone on the Verizon network?

According to a number of reports, Apple and Verizon are in talks about releasing a version of the iPhone that would be compatible with Verizon’s network. However, because of exclusivity agreements with AT&T and Verizon’s timeline for the rollout of its 4G wireless network, the earliest this would happen is 2010.

Morgan Stanley upgrades Apple’s rating

Investment bank Morgan Stanley has upgraded its rating of Apple based on the success of its iPhone and iPod business and the bank’s belief that demand for the iPhone has been underestimated. Further, the bank believes that Apple is emerging as the leader in the competition for dominance over the mobile Internet.

Inaugural iPhone Games Summit to be held in September

The inaugural iPhone Games Summit will be held on September 15-16 at the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in Austin, Texas. It will bring together top game developers from around the world to share ideas, best practices, and discuss the future of this revolutionary platform. A full two-day program will highlight the best of iPhone development, with an entire first day discussing the business, marketing, and key design tenets behind successful iPhone game development. The second day will provide overviews and deep dives into technical aspects of developing on the iPhone, from app optimization and touch interface lessons through iPhone OS 3.0 features, Objective-C tips, and much more. For more info and to register, visit the GDC Web site (

Disruption of GPS as satellites age?

According to a report by the Government Accounting Office, the Air Force is having difficulty staying on schedule and within its budget for building and launching replacement satellites for the U.S. Global Positioning System. According to a GAO report published on May 7, 2009 (, “It is uncertain whether the Air Force will be able to acquire new satellites in time to maintain current GPS service without interruption. If not, some military operations and some civilian users could be adversely affected” as older satellites fail.

Charging batteries with vibrations?

According to a post on, researchers have discovered a way to generate electrical current that uses your heart beat and other movements that create low-frequency vibrations. The vibrations are converted into electricity using zinc oxide nanowires, which generate current when subjected to mechanical stress. The nanowires can be grown on a variety of surfaces, including fabrics. This would make it possible, for example, to make clothing that would be able to power mobile electronic devices like the iPhone. The article described initial research only—it could be a while before you see any practical applications.

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