From The Editor: The Shape of Things to Come

We have a number of interesting articles in this issue, but one that really got me excited is titled, "Apple's Grand Unification" (page 25). It's about announcements made at Apple's "Back to the Mac" press conference in October. In a nutshell, Apple will be incorporating iOS features into the next version of the Mac OS X. Why is this exciting? 

Apple put a lot of thought and effort into making the original version of the iPhone easy to use. Since then, they've continued to enhance its functionality and usability through frequent updates of the OS and improved versions of the device. They even introduced a brand new platform for mobile users—the iPad. With their "Back to the Mac" push, they are beginning to take the most successful features of their mobile platforms and incorporate them into their desktop and laptop lines. In the process, they are unifying their product lines and (more importantly) changing the way we will approach computing in the future. Computing began as a highly technical discipline practiced by mathematicians and engineers. Over the years, it has progressively become simpler and easier to use. Back to the Mac will dramatically accelerate this evolution.

We report on two other big developments. First is the release of iOS 4.2, which will finally bring iOS 4 enhancements to the iPad. These enhancements include print capability, media streaming, folders for organizing app icons, and more. If you haven't downloaded it already, do it now through iTunes. We also take a quick look at Verizon's new iPad. They've bundled it with a small wireless receiver that lets you access Verizon's 3G network from the iPad. Perhaps of more interest are the strong rumors that Apple will finally offer a Verizon network-compatible version of the iPhone 4 early in 2011.

So far, I've discussed a small fraction of content in this issue. Are you interested in getting more out of iTunes or looking for a great gift to give your favorite iFanatic? Are you in the market for some great games, some apps and accessories for runners, some Bible study resources, apps that can make a difference with your health, ways to watch videos, or free apps that make backpacking a breeze? Do you need some help creating and marketing apps or improving security at work? Check out our table of contents or thumb through this issue of iPhone Life.

January-February 2011
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