Score with These Must-Have Soccer Apps!

Hey, soccer lovers! I searched the App Store and came up with my list of must-have soccer apps for the iPhone and iPod touch. Some of these apps, like Real Soccer and SoccerCard, are directly related to soccer. Others, like TVULite and Wunder Radio, are more general, allowing you to access a variety of content in addition to soccer. I enjoy watching soccer, have a good grasp on the basics, and am gaining a better understanding of the game’s intricacies. It’s true—I can’t bend it like Beckham, but I have no trouble spotting a great soccer app when I see it.Many more apps for soccer fans In this article I’ve looked at just a few of the top soccer-related titles available in the App Store. Most of these are listed in the Games and Sports categories, but two of the apps, TVULite and Wunder Radio, are found elsewhere. If you’re into soccer, and into the iPhone, go explore the App Store. Many excellent players are found on that field.

Apps for soccer players, coaches, and fans!
Fall 2009
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