How do I use FaceTime?

FaceTimeFaceTime is a cool video call feature that comes with the newest iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and uses the front-facing camera. This means we can see and talk to people at the same time just like in old movies about the future. There are a couple of limitations, however. The other caller must also have FaceTime over a Wi-Fi connection, or they must have FaceTime installed on their Mac. There are several easy ways to start a FaceTime call:

  • If the person is already in your Contacts list, you can open their contact screen and tap the FaceTime button.

  • Call the other person using the Phone app, and once you're connected, tap the FaceTime icon on the screen.

  • If you've recently used FaceTime to speak with someone, open your Phone app, tap Recents, and then tap the FaceTime icon next to the last call you made.

You can use FaceTime to make video calls.

The FaceTime screen will show you an image of the person you're talking to, along with a small image of yourself. This image is called a picture-in-picture (PIP), and you can change the position of it by simply touching it and dragging it around the screen.

Show FaceTime callers what you're looking at

By default, FaceTime callers see what the other person's front-facing camera is recording—usually, his or her face. You can switch it to show the other caller what your rear-facing camera is recording—more or less what you are looking at—by tapping on the small camera icon on the bottom right of the FaceTime screen.

May-June 2011
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