How do I use the accessibility features?

Accessibility FeaturesYour iOS device comes packed with accessibility features to help you use the device more effectively. They are particularly helpful to people with certain disabilities. To turn on or off the accessibility settings, go to Settings> General> Accessibility and select the feature you want to activate. They include the following:

Use accessibility features to get special access to every part of your device.

  • VoiceOver: This feature describes audibly what appears on the screen. It works with all pre-installed apps and with many, but not all, third-party apps. Touch different parts of the screen and VoiceOver will describe what you're touching. Drag your finger over text and it will read it to you out loud. (There are a number of additional new gestures that come into play when VoiceOver is activated. Check the user guide for more about this.)

  • Braille Display Support: This feature lets visually impaired individuals read the output of the VoiceOver feature on an optional Bluetooth Braille display. (See BrailleConnect and Brailliant products; Many iOS devices work with wireless Braille displays, and if they have input keys and controls, you can use them to control the device. Note: Braille Display is part of the VoiceOver feature. To activate it, go to Settings >General >VoiceOver and scroll down to the Braille option.

  • Zoom: While many apps let you zoom in and out of specific elements on the screen, the Zoom feature automatically magnifies everything on your display without having to pinch-and-zoom. Double tap with three fingers to zoom in and out on a screen. Scroll around a zoomed-in screen by dragging three fingers. Note that the Zoom feature will not work when VoiceOver is activated.

  • Large Text: This feature lets you choose the text size you want for alerts, Mail, Contacts, Notes, and Messages.

  • White on Black: This feature inverts the colors on the device's screen, making it easier to read for some.

  • Mono Audio: Mono Audio combines the sound from the two channels into a mono signal that comes out through both sides. This helps someone with impaired hearing in one ear to hear everything through the other ear.

  • Speak Auto-text: This feature speaks the auto-corrections your device makes while you're typing.

Triple-click Home button to activate accessibility features

You can use the triple-click feature turn some of the accessibility features on and off. To activate this feature, go to Settings >General >Accessibility > Triple-click Home. From this screen you can set triple-click to do the following:

  1. Toggle VoiceOver (on/off)

  2. Toggle White-on-Black (on/off)

  3. Ask (displays a pop-up menu that that lets you turn following options on/off on the fly: VoiceOver, Zoom, and White on Black).

May-June 2011
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