How do I track my iPhone, iPad or iPod touch using MobileMe?

Find My iPhoneIf you misplace your device or someone steals it, you can use Apple’s MobileMe service to locate it. (You can even use MobileMe to remotely wipe-off all data, lock the device if it gets stolen, and display a custom message for whoever finds it.) Here’s how to track your device:

MobileMe can help you track your iPhone, remotely erase data, and create a custom message for whoever finds it.

  1. Create a MobileMe account and activate it on your device (see “How Do I Use MobileMe?” on page 99)

  2. Open Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars. If you have activated MobileMe, you will see it listed under Accounts.

  3. Tap on MobileMe and switch Find My iPhone (iPad, iPod touch) to ON.

  4. Tap on Allow when the Find My iPhone (iPad, iPod touch) message pops up.

  5. Log onto, and use the Find My iPhone feature to show its location on the map.

May-June 2011
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