PR executive relies on iPhone to balance work and home life

Krista Blaisdell

AubreyMommyWhat do you do? I'm a Senior Account Executive at a public relations and public affairs firm.

Which device do you use? The iPhone.

How long have you had it? I have had my iPhone for a year.

How do you use your device? I rely on it heavily for work and home life. At work, I use it to keep track of client and media information, scan business cards for business development, take photos and short videos to post on social media sites for clients, scheduling, and much more. At home, I use it for all of my banking and bill paying, paying my daycare, tracking appointments, managing errands and grocery lists, and more. I keep voice and short memos of ideas, which has replaced my idea notebook.

I can keep the kiddo entertained with my iPhone, and she loves toddler and preschool games with colors, letters and shapes. She also likes to watch Elmo videos on YouTube. She likes to do silly things and tell me, "Mama, take picture," which I always do. Then she says, "I see it," because she will never have to live with waiting a week for film to develop or the anxiety of Polaroids, like I did. Even though she leaves grubby little fingerprints on the screen, she has mastered animals, shapes and colors. Now we're working on numbers and phonics. I can't believe how much she has learned just playing with some free apps. 

How does the iPhone help you? With a full-time job and a two-year-old, I can be scattered. My iPhone helps me keep everything organized and at my fingertips.

What would you do if you didn't have it? I have no idea. That is a world I don't want to live in. I panic when I can't find my iPhone. I never really understood what the big deal about the iPhone was until I got one. Now I can't comprehend how people live without one or how I would survive without mine.

Do you consider yourself an Apple fanatic? I just became aware of my fanaticism. I worshipped my iPod, thinking it was literally the greatest invention since sliced bread until I got my iPhone. Now I'm looking forward to buying a MacBook, so I can fulfill my holy technology trio.

Fill in the blank: Apple without Steve Jobs is like… the Enterprise without Captain Kirk.

July-August 2011
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