Consultant performs energy audits with iPad

Lawrence HeimLawrence Heim

What do you do? Director, The Elm Consulting Group International LLC, an independent international health, safety, environmental and sustainability (HSES) management consulting firm.

Which device do you use? The iPad, although the iPhone and MacBook Pro are company standards as well.

How long have you had them? Since May 2010.

How do you use your device? To capture notes, scanned documents, and other information gathered during our HSES consulting engagements and audits.

What apps do you use the most? SmartNotes ($2.99,, Mail.

How does it help you accomplish what you need? Captures handwritten audit notes and checklists, and provides easy organization of findings and open issues. The final notebook converts to a PDF for easy use and distribution to clients.

Did the iPad require any special modifications? A good stylus is imperative.

What would you do if you didn't have it? Use old-fashioned pen and paper, or possibly use standard computer-based checklists requiring keyboard entry.

Do you consider yourself an Apple fanatic? Yes, but I can't claim to be a proficient technical geek.

In three words or less, what would you ask Steve Jobs? "Feeling okay?"


July-August 2011
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