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Have you benefited from iPhone Life? Perhaps you've discovered great apps and accessories, discovered time-saving tips, or decided which Apple iDevice to purchase. Maybe you've enjoyed the ability to read iPhone Life in print and on the iPhone, iPod and desktop. Perhaps your company has had products or services written about, providing valuable publicity. 

Our unusual business model

Although we've been in business 25 years, as a consumer publication company, we're quite unusual. First of all, we publish only one magazine at a time, going deep into a single platform. That means iPhone Life and the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch get all our attention. Secondly, we work with real world expert end users like you: you create the great content for iPhone Life and iPhoneLife.com.

How-To-Guide-high-resDuring these 25 years, we've remained small and have survived tremendous change: change in our core subject, mobile technology; change in the publishing industry with the Internet, and changes in the economy.

99.9% of iOS users have yet to hear about iPhone Life

Although we have over 100,000 readers, the vast majority of the one hundred million plus iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users have never heard of iPhone Life.

Iphone-BG2010_coverThe more iOS users and iOS product marketers who learn about us, the more pages we will be able to provide you. Already, thanks to increased awareness of iPhone Life, in 2011 we will publish two bonus issues—a How-to Guide and a Buyers Guide along with the 4 regular issues.

In 2011, we will publish two bonus guides along with four regular issues.

15 ways to support iPhone Life magazine

If like the idea of this magazine in this age of the Internet, your support makes a huge difference. The more iPhone Life subscribers and advertisers we have, the greater our ability to provide you with more knowledge and services. Here are 15 ways you can help.

  1. Subscribe: If you bought this issue on the newsstand or were given it as a sample—subscribe! (iPhoneLife.com/subscribe). Subscribing saves money, insures you don't miss an issue, and allows you to read it in print or digitally. iPhoneLife.com/subscribe
  2. Give gift subscriptions to your friends—it's a great holiday gift. Just choose different "Bill To" and "Send To" addresses at our website (iPhoneLife.com/subscribe) or call 641-472-6330.

  3. Advertise. We've really stretched to make sure we had options to fit every budget. If you want to make your product known, there's no reason not to advertise. (iPhoneLife.com/advertise)

  4. Tell others about iPhone Life. Tell your friends. Post on line. Word of mouth enthusiasm makes an enormous difference.

  5. Share blog posts at iPhoneLife.com with others. Digg them. Forward them. Retweet them. Tell others on Facebook. Comment.

  6. Follow @iphonelife on Twitter, and retweet our informative posts.

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  8. Link to us: Website owners send your visitors to iPhoneLife.com, or offer subscriptions or sample issues.

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  12. Visit us at trade shows and pick up issues for your friends. We're exhibiting at booths 5512 at CES and 1038 at Macworld. Plus we'll be wandering the shows at Mobile World Conference, Barcelona; and CTIA, Las Vegas. We'll have magazines at all four shows.

  13. 1Give us feedback. How can we make our magazine and website better? How can we get word out? E-mail hal@iphonelife.com.

  14. Give issues to iOS users either physically or with links. Contact me, hal@iphonelife.com.

  15. Partner with us. Do you have access to iOS users? Contact me at hal@iphonelife.com.
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