Lesser-Known Treasures

There are many articles out there reviewing better known games available on the App Store. However, there are tens of thousands of games available, and these reviews tend to overlook some of the lesser-known treasures. Here are five games that you probably haven't played, but probably should.


$0.99, app2.me/3095; free "Lite" version: app2.me/3099

MustEatBirdsThis delightful game features a small, orange monster (known only as Nomster), which can be flung upward toward an onslaught of avian enemies with the swipe of a finger. Gameplay is simple, but the developer has infused it with a fantastic style that makes it something special. With 18 terrific missions and several endless challenge modes, there's a lot of entertainment to be had.

Helsing's Fire

$0.99, app2.me/3096

HelsingsFireIn this game, players control Dr. Helsing and his trusty assistant, Raffton on their quest to eliminate evil. To defeat foes, players position torches on the screen to illuminate different colored opponents. Then, the player detonates colored "tonics" that damage all foes of the same color. The game provides excellent replay value and is bursting with dark humor, making it well worth the 99 cent entry fee.

Fly Kiwi, Fly!

$0.99, app2.me/3097

FlyKiwiFlySome games provide a great pick-up-and-play experience; others keep you hooked for hours with great graphics and clever gameplay. Fly Kiwi, Fly is one of the few games that does both. As a player, you control the small, flightless bird that wants to fly from New Zealand to the U.S. To do so, you'll use cannons, catapults, rockets, skateboards, and hang gliders to travel the world. As you progress, you'll need to earn power-ups to soar even further.

Sushi Cat

$0.99, app2.me/3098

SushiCatThis one is adapted from a popular browser game of the same name. Players control the small, blue "Sushi Cat" whose goal is to achieve true love by gorging itself on sushi. The game plays somewhat like a pinball machine. You drop in the Sushi Cat from the top of the screen and use paddles to control how it falls. If it falls on a piece of sushi, it eats it and you score points. The iPhone version utilizes touch controls excellently; to play, simply drag Sushi Cat across the screen with your finger, and release to drop your kitten down onto the sushi. In addition, the graphics look great on the iPhone 4's Retina Display.


$1.99, app2.me/2746

FastarDescribed by its developer as a "Micro Action RPG," Fastar players control a customized avatar who runs from one village to the next fighting an ever-changing array of large squares. (That's right, squares!) To attack a square, players swing a massive sword at it, dealing damage in traditional RPG fashion. To make things more interesting, the game features a variety of unusual magical spells. Numerous game modes increase Fastar's replay value.

Plenty of hidden gems

When the App Store first opened its doors, individuals and small companies had a better chance at getting recognition for their games. As the number of available apps has grown, the majority of games that get attention are created by big-time developers. Don't get me wrong; some of these are great games. But sometimes, it can be the smaller, independent developers that come out with the most innovative titles.

I hope this article gives you a small taste of what's available to you if you dig a little deeper into the Games section of the App Store. However, sometimes simply searching for games in the App Store can be daunting. When looking for these lesser-known treasures, it is always a good idea to check popular review sites (Touch Arcade, iPhone Life, etc), but I discover many of these great games by following freeappaday.com and freeappcalendar.com.

Five great games you probably haven't played!
January-February 2011
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