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Best Travel Apps

Best of the Best

#1 FlightTrack

($4.99, app2.me/4092; Pro version: $9.99, app2.me/288)

FlightTrackTrack flights with beautiful, zoomable maps or get real-time departure info, delays, and gate numbers at a glance. Features full international coverage.

2. Google Earth

(Free, app2.me/2666)

Google EarthFly to far corners of the planet with the swipe of your finger. You can search for cities, places, and 
businesses locally or globally.

3. ECurrency

($.99, app2.me/4093)

ECurrencySupports over 190 popular currencies, works without an active Internet connection and even supports custom rates.

Best on the iPad

1. FlightTrack Pro

(See "Best of the Best" above)

2. Kayak HD

(Free, app2.me/3055)

KayakFind flights and explore the hotels of a city, including prices, location, amenities, reviews, and hundreds of thousands of photos.

3. Wi-Fi Finder

(Free, app2.me/4094) 

Wi-Fi FinderQuickly and easily find FREE or paid Wi-Fi when you travel. Over 545,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide.

Best Travel Guides

1. Disney World Magic Guide

($4.99, app2.me/4095)

Disney World Magic GuideThis handy guide features interactive maps, dining info, menus, wait times, park hours, attraction info, search, favorites, GPS, and photos.

2. Paris Travel Guide

($5.99, app2.me/4096)

pari slonely planetLonely Planet makes great Travel Guide apps. This one is specifically for Paris and features GPS tracking, offline maps, and hundreds of recommended places to visit.

3. Rome Insider's Guide

($2.99, app2.me/4097) 

Rome Insider GuideGet the insider tips to 
restaurants that are worth your Euros, uncrowded galleries, and the best food in town. Also includes a free Wi-Fi finder.

Best Free

1. Google Earth

(See "Best of the Best" on left)

2. TripAdvisor

(Free, app2.me/4098)

Trip AdvisorPlan the perfect trip with the help of real traveler reviews, opinions, photos, maps, and forums that can answer even the most specific questions. Also includes virtual tours and location-based searches.

3. Yelp

(Free, app2.me/236)

YelpUse Yelp to search for places to eat, shop, drink, relax ,and play. Features local search, reviews, photos, and the ability to make reservations on OpenTable without leaving the app.