Best Reference Apps

Best of the Best

#1 WolframAlphaIconWolframAlpha


Do you need to compare unemploymentates between New York and Houston? How about tide information in Hawaii? Access expert knowledge from wherever you are with this super-handy and efficient app.

2. Qwiki

(iPad only: Free,

QwikiIf you take Wikipedia and add voice narration, a video timeline, and artificial intelligence, then you'll get Qwiki. A must-have for iPad owners.

3. Google Translate


Google TranslateTranslate words and phrases betweeen more than 50 languages. Features voice support for most languages, with which you can simply speak the phrase and hear the translation.

Made for iPad

1. Qwiki

(See "Best of the Best" above)

2. Articles for iPad


Articles for iPadArticles lets you easily read and discover Wikipedia articles on your iPad. The app has a "Surprise Me" feature, a table of contents, and an optimized presentation for the iPad.

3. Art Authority for iPad


Art Authority for iPadTransport yourself to an enthralling art museum filled with works by over 1,000 of the Western world's greatest artists. Features over 10GB worth of art optimized for the iPad.




Dictionary.comThis app delivers trusted content from and Once you download the app, you don't need Internet connection to searh for words.

2. Merriam-Webster Dictionary


MerriamWebsterIn addition to word definitions, this app features voice search and an integrated thesaurus. It also features example sentences, audio pronunciation, and a "Word of the Day".

3. Slango-Urban Dictionary

($.99,; iPad version: $1.99,

Slango-Urban DictionaryThis pocket urban dictionary will keep you up-to-date with the latest pop-culture slang and lingo. Warning: offensive content is abundant.


1. Google Translate

(See "Best of the Best" section)

2. iHandy Translator

(Free,; Pro version: $1.99,

iHandy translatorDeveloped by iHandySoft, this translator features phrase and word translation from 52 world languages.

3. Free Translator


Free TranslatorFree Translator is built upon the Google Translate framework, and it features a different interface. It's a quick and inexpensive solution to simple translation.

Our Take

Sometimes consulting a dedicated reference app is a better and faster solution than opening up a browser, typing in a wearch query, and sorting through different websites for relevant information.

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