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#1 Angry Birds Rio

($2.99,; iPad version: $2.99,

Angry Birds RioThey're in Rio de Janeiro, and they're 
angrier! This sequel to the wildly 
successful franchise includes 
elements and twists from the Fox motion picture, Rio. A must-have if you already own the original.

2. Tiny Wings


Tiny WingsThis fun little game knocked down Angry Birds from the top spot in the games section earlier this year. Simple, beautiful and addictive.

3. Flight Control


Flight ControlThis App Store classic is a steal at $.99, and new 
updates continually refresh the fun. Just touch and drag planes to their landing zones and watch the hours fly by.


1. Texas Hold'em Poker

(see "Best Free" section on right)

2. Zynga Poker


Zynga PokerPlay poker live against six million daily users. Choose from a 5 or 9 person poker table or jump right into a tournament. Great for both beginners and experts.

3. Blackjack Free 


BlackJack FreeFake money, but real fun. Practice all your strategies to maximize your earnings in this classic rendition of the standard casino game.

Best Free

1. Stickman BMX Free


Stickman BMXThe sequel to Stickman Skater delivers at the same level as the original. It features 60 scrolling levels, real BMX tricks, hidden paths, and re-engineered physics.

2. Mr Giggle 2 HD Lite


Mr Giggle 2 HD LiteFun, addictive, and simple. Swipe the blocks to match them up by color and rack points before the time runs out. The game helps you find combinations until you leave the beginner level.

3. Texas Hold'em Poker


Texas Hold'em  PokerGreat graphics, a user-friendly interface, and plenty of opportunities for socializing. The app also includes tutorials and two types of in-game currency.

Best Role-Playing

1. Chaos Rings Omega 


Chaos Rings OmegaThe latest installment in the successful Chaos Rings RPG series. It features gorgeous 3D graphics, smooth animations, classic RPG gameplay, a refined user interface, and a rich story line.

2. Dungeon Hunter 2 


Dungeon Hunter 2`This addictive hack 'n slash game comes with finely tuned controls, three difficulty levels, and hundreds of items and weapons to collect.

3. Sacred Odyssey - Rise of Ayden 


sacred odysseyThis is an ambitious action RPG. Ride through this epic adventure and build up your character to overcome ever-increasing challenges and puzzles.

Most Addictive

1. Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump"Easy to learn, and 
difficult to master." That's how the developers describe this 
addictive game. A simple race to the top becomes even more challenging with its new multiplayer feature.

2. Canabalt


CanabaltCanabalt's logo reminds me of an iconic Michael Jackson image from the 80's, and this game's retro look certainly fits the bill. Fast-paced, simple, and pixelated seems to be the perfect recipe for

3. Fruit Ninja


iPad version: $2.99,

Fruit NinjaSlice your way through juicy action and challenge your friend's ninja skills. You can play Zen, Classic, or Arcade mode. Great for a few minutes or several hours of entertainment.

Best Multiplayer

1. Archetype 

($.99,; iPad version: 

ArchetypeA beautiful and robust first-person shooter. You can play three game modes: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, or Capture the Flag. The game includes 19 maps and 7 different weapons.

2. Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

($6.99,; iPad version: $6.99, 

Modern Combat 2: Black PegasusChoose one of the 3 characters and immerse yourself into 12 battlefields settings. Multiplayer supports up to 10 online or local players.

3. Worms 2: Armageddon 


Worms 2: ArmageddonCartoon-style visuals and comical audio make this turn-based strategy game a must-have. Multiplayer supports one to four local players, or two online players.

Best Word Games

1. Words With Friends 

($1.99,; iPad version: $2.99, 

Words With FriendsJoin the 20 million people already 
addicted to word-building fun times. The turn-based gameplay lets you 
participate in up to 20 games at the same time.

2. Bookworm 


BookwormLink letters up, down, and all around you in this award-winning game from PopCap. Play classic or timed games, and enjoy an unlimited number of levels.

3. Wheel of Fortune Platinum 


iPad version: $6.99, 

Wheel Of fortuneEnjoy over 1,400 puzzles written by the producers of the show, complete with sound effects and music true to the show. Play against friends locally or online.

Best Mahjong

1. Shanghai Mahjong


Shanghai MahjongPhotorealistic game tiles make this game beautiful no matter what device you play it on. Stay challenged for a long time with over 50 tile sets.

2. MahJong 


MahjongThis game features 200 board layouts, 30 background pictures, and 9 tile sets. A great way to enjoy this classic and challenging game.

3. Mahjong Towers Touch HD 


Mahjong TowersCustomize your tile patterns and music, and choose among the top 192 user-generated tile sets to play. Your progressive achievements depend on skill, not speed.

Best Arcade

1. 6th Planet 


6th PlanetGuide your space pod to the other landing site. In between levels, enjoy stories about the main character in comic book style. Unlock 50 master levels after beating the game.

2. Sky Combat 


Sky CombatCombining classic arcade gameplay with cutting-edge graphics, Sky Combat comes through as a gorgeously crafted vertical shooter.

3. The King of Fighters 


King of FightersBeautiful visuals and high-resolution graphics. You can fight three-on-three battles, or one-on-one single battles. You can also pull off complex commands with the simple touch controls.


1. Storm in a Teacup 


Storm in a TeacupNavigate this dream-like world and solve puzzles, avoid pitfalls, and beat bad guys. This imaginative platform is unique, and features rich and detailed physics-based puzzles.

2. Feed Me Oil


iPad version: $1.99, 

Feed me OilUse your tools and brains to get the oil from the broken pipes to the mouths of the strange creatures. Realistic physics lets you solve each puzzle in an infinite number of ways.

3. Casey's Contraptions 

(iPad only: $2.99, 

Casey's ContraptionsHelp Casey get his toys back by building crazy contraptions. Enjoy over 70 levels and 30 contraption-building items. You can also access contraptions created by other players.

Best for Kids

1. Bumpy Road 


Bumpy RoadBump the road with your finger and guide the old couple towards memories of their past. This app features beautiful aesthetics and a moving story line.

2. Toca Tea Party 

(iPad only: $2.99, 

Toca Tea partyStir your child's imagination by having a tea party around your iPad. Set the table, choose your favorite 
cookies and cakes, and serve the tea. Great for kids three and up.

3. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 


Lego Harry PotterPlay over 40 levels as Harry, Ron and Hermione. Interact with many more characters. Explore Hogwarts and engage in countless hours of gameplay based on the Harry Potter books and movies.

Made for iPad

1.Infinity Blade 


Infinity BladeThe definitive sword-action fighting game. This game is optimized for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4, and rivals the gameplay of most full-fledge 
console systems.

2. World of Goo HD 


World of Goo HDA beautiful and surprising visual treat at every level. Step into a whole new world and try to satisfy the Goo Balls' undying curiosity.

3. Real Racing 2 HD


Real Racing 2 HDA visually stunning and well-crafted racing game that literally puts the steering wheel in your hands. This is another game that rivals console systems in gameplay, graphics, and features.

Racing Games

1. Reckless Getaway


Reckless GetawayYou've robbed the bank, now what? You have to get away, of course! Dodge, smash, and crash your way through these 16 great levels.

2. Real Racing 2 


iPad version: $9.99, 

Real Racing 2While we already mentioned the iPad version of this game in a previous section, it deserves a second mention under this category.

3. Death Rally 


Death RallyHow can you go wrong with racing and weapons? The game has fantastic visuals and the gameplay is intense, addictive, and explosive. 


1. Tom Clancy's 
Rainbow Six®: Shadow Vanguard

($6.99,; iPad version: $6.99, 

Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six: Shadow VanguardThe iconic franchise makes its iOS debut with 11 epic missions and a rich multiplayer feature for up to 10 players.

2. N.O.V.A. 2 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 


iPad version: $6.99, 

Nova 2A great sci-fi first-person shooter.

Features multiplayer gameplay for up to 10 players with 10 different maps.

3. Contract Killer 


Contract KillerStep into a world of 
assassins, mobsters, and criminals. Receive your mission, then capture your target or put them down. Choose from 17 story missions and 20 distinct weapons.


1. NBA Jam 


iPad version: $4.99, 

NBA Jam"He's on fire!" Play this classic two-on-two arcade game the same way you remember it. Unlock legendary players and go up against your friends via local Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

2. FIFA 11

($2.99,; iPad version: $10.99,

FIFA 11Visual effects that maximize the retina display make owning the latest rendition of this classic franchise a must. Play with your friends through the local multiplayer feature

3. iStunt 2- Snowboard

($.99, iPad version: Free, 

iStunt 2Escape deadly buzz saws, keep you balance through gravity shifts and speed boosts, and grind your way to victory in this fast paced and insanely addictive snowboarding game.

We Ask

Which do you find better for gaming: iPad or iPhone/iPod touch?

"It's a toss up. I definitely think the iPad is better to use for gaming since the screen is much larger. However, I always have my iPhone on me, so it is much more 
convenient to play a game wherever I am."


"Although the resolution on the iPad is excellent, the iPhone wins for me hands down as I am always on the go and the iPhone is there with me. I would probably use the iPad for gaming at home more.



I personally prefer the iPad because of the screen size and the HD graphics. When I play Plants vs. Zombies, I like seeing the zombies blown up on a larger scale"


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