Best Book Apps

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#1 Kindle


KindleThe Kindle app holds an edge over iBooks mainly because of book selection, price and functionality. Notes and highlights are available online, and Amazon gives you the ability to "lend" selected titles. The app loses points for removing the "Shop in the Kindle Store" link from within the app. I guess if you want to play in Apple's turf, you have to play (or pay?) by its rules.

2. iBooks 


iBooksApple's iBooks boasts a strong emphasis on design and 

aesthetics, and even though the title selection isn't as robust as Amazon's, the convenience of purchasing straight through the app is nice. 

3. OverDrive Media Console


OverDrive media ConsoleFind your local library, enter your library card number, and check out a digital title in print or audiobook format. The titles get "returned" automatically at the end of the lending period. Cents saved!

4. Stanza


StanzaStill one of the most popular free reading apps, Stanza taps into a vast selection of libraries with free books and electronic titles from old classics to new gems.

5. Free Books


This app has 23,469 classics, and you're basically paying for access to all of them without download 

Children's Book Apps

1. Go, Clifford, Go!

Go, Clifford, Go!(iPad only; $4.99, app2 me/3934) Your child can tilt the device and watch cars move across the screen, waves roll by, and trees sway back and forth. Best for ages two and up.

2. Pat the Bunny


Pat the BunnyIn this adaptation of Dorothy Kunhardt's 70-year-old classic, kids can catch butterflies, play hide-and-seek, and see themselves in a mirror (if the device has a front-facing camera).

3. The Three Little Pigs

Three Little Pigs(iPad only; $5.99, This is another great rendition of a great classic. The best part; you get to help the wolf blow down houses by blowing into the iPad's microphone. 

Bible Apps

1. BibleReader


BibleReaderMade for anyone who likes to highlight, bookmark and write in their bible. It supports tagging, note editing, and syncing with other iOS devices through

2. Bible+


Bible+This powerful app gives you 
access to over 40 free bible 
translations from You can get an additional 30 titles if you sign up for a free account.

3. Bible 


BibleThis app gives you the ability to write notes and sync to to continue reading online. It includes font size options, bookmark support, and a black background feature.

Best Comic Apps

1. Comics


ComicsIncludes more than 300 free comics and you can purchase follow-up comics from DC, Marvel, Dynamite, Red 5, TokyoPop, and a few dozen more providers.

2. Comic Zeal Comic Reader 

(iPhone and iPod touch version; $3.99, iPad 

version; $7.99, 

ComicZealNo dedicated store, but this app helps you read, store and organize your comics by 
different series.

3. Marvel Comics 


Marvel ComicsThis app comes with some free comics, but it is mainly for purchasing new ones. It's limited only to Marvel comic content. All your purchases are backed up online.

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