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Wow, there are a lot of apps in the app store! And the number seems to be growing exponentially. Any sane person would just ask their friends for app recommendations, and since we're your friends, we've made it easy for you to find the very best apps for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. So get your device ready, pour yourself a nice beverage, and feast away through this year's top apps across every single App Store category. By the way, since we also love some apps more than others (hey, that's life), below we've picked our five absolute favorite apps. Enjoy!

iPhone Life's Top 5 Apps of the Year:

1. Kindle


KindleAmazon's Kindle app is my absolute favorite. It lost a few points from me when they removed the dedicated Kindle Store button, but they had to in order to comply with Apple's rules. It is still very easy to purchase books, organize and read them, and it is especially enjoyable on the iPad. If you were to choose one app this year, this would be it.

2. Netflix


NetflixIf you have a Netflix account with access to online streaming, this app is a no-brainer. This is probably the app I use the most. Somehow the movie and TV show suggestions look more enticing when I see them through the app, instead of my computer. You can't go wrong with an app that turns your device into your own portable movie player.

3. Keynote


KeynoteI talked about this app so much that it became a running joke at iPhone Life headquarters. As someone who loves public speaking and creating presentations, I was just blown away by the versatility and functionality of the Keynote app. And even though it still doesn't have all the features of its desktop counterpart, it is a must-have if you ever work on presentations.

4. Mint


MintThis app is a neat little companion to's free financial tracking service. I've found it incredibly useful to have this app with me. I can check my balances with one glance, I can get useful reminders about when bills are due, and I can know instantly if I'm going over a specific budget I've set up.

5. Flipboard

(iPad Only: Free,

BlipboardFor iPad users, this app is a must-have. I love using Flipboard to read the latest news, see my Twitter and Facebook feeds in a new layout, and browse through interesting content. It's amazing how much we'll keep reading if the information is presented beautifully. I could make jokes about how you'll "flip" for this app, but I'm pretty sure the pun police just pulled up to my front door.


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31 Readers

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32 Remote Desktop

33 Made for iPad

33 Office Docs

33 Best Business Card Readers


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35 Biggest Time Killers

35 Best Movie Apps 


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36 Made for iPad

37 Elementary School

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Healthcare & Fitness

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50 Best Pharmacy Apps


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52 Best Free

52 Public Transportation


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53 Newspaper

53 RSS Readers

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59 Best Apps and Gear for iPhoneography


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63 Best Cloud Storage

63 Best To-Do List

63 Best Apps for Freelance Writers


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64 Best Translators

Social Networking

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65 Best Instant Messengers

65 Best Emoticons 

66 Top 4 Off the Beaten Path Social Apps


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67 Best Fantasy Football

67 Best Sport News 


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69 Best Free 


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70 Best Hurricane Tracker

70 Best Free

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