Which GPS Navigation App is for you?

It’s been a long wait, but iPhone users now have a number of GPS navigation apps to choose from. To some degree, these GPS apps offer the same capabilities. However, there are factors that differentiate them, particularly in terms of price and user experience.

This article reviews a number of onboard GPS solutions for the iPhone, including Navigon MobileNavigator, G-Maps, Mobil Maps, iGO My Way, CoPilot Live, and TomTom. The benefits of onboard solutions are many. First of all, the software and maps are stored on the iPhone. This means that there are no subscription fees and no long waits for maps to be downloaded over a cellular data connection. Finally, if you are in an area where cellular data coverage is unavailable, you can still use the app to navigate to your destination.

Which Way Do I Go?

All the apps I tested performed well, but some of them have more options than others. Which one should you choose? The answer depends on the options you need and the price you are willing to pay. If you need general guidance for trips around town or yearly family vacations, you might prefer a simple and less expensive solution like iGo My Way. If you are a professional who is constantly on the road, you may want a more feature-rich application that includes maps for all of North America, such as CoPilot Live, Mobile Navigator, or TomTom.

Whatever you choose, these apps will let you take better advantage of the iPhone’s GPS capabilities and help you stay on course and on time.

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Winter 2010
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