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Great Windows Mobile Apps Now on the iPhone

The release of the iPhone OS 2.0 and the success of the App Store have encouraged aspiring developers to create a wide variety of apps to expand the capabilities of the iPhone and iPod touch. They have also encouraged developers of successful programs for other platforms to bring their apps over to Apple’s mobile platform—particularly apps written for Windows Mobile smartphones and PDAs.

I got my start with the Windows Mobile platform, and with Aximsite.com and Mobilitysite.com. I even judged Smartphone magazine’s yearly software awards a few times. So when I switched over to the iPhone 3GS and started looking at what was available in the App Store, I noticed that a lot of my favorite Windows Mobile developers, ones I’ve known and respected for years, were porting their successful apps to the iPhone.

This article showcases some of my favorite Windows Mobile software developers and the apps they have brought to the iPhone/iPod touch platform. They are listed alphabetically.

Making smart choices

As I mentioned earlier in the article, I got my start with Windows Mobile and have some loyalty to the platform. I have to admit that when I first saw iPhone apps being released by these developers, I felt like it was a bit of a sellout. But in thinking about it for a while, I realized that they were just making smart choices.

The iPhone software/app infrastructure is much better than that of the Windows Mobile market right now. There are thousands of great apps for Windows Mobile devices, but they’re scattered all over the place right now. And in addition to working on iPhone apps, all of the developers mentioned in this article continue to update their Windows Mobile lineups.

I asked Amit Regev of SBSH Mobile Software why they decided to develop applications for the iPhone; here’s what he had to say:

“As a company that develops cross-platform solutions, the move to the iPhone platform was the natural step for us. During the first few months following the first iPhone release, more and more SBSH users were coming back to us asking for an iPhone version of our applications. This raised a natural need to port our best-selling Windows Mobile applications to the iPhone platform… We plan to release three new iPhone apps in the first quarter of 2010.”

So if you loved your Dell Axim or HTC Touch Pro and the companies that made great software for them, you’re in luck. They’re making great software for your iPhone.


AstrawareHellfireAstrawareMylittletankAstraware was one of my very favorite Windows Mobile game makers. They have created iPhone versions of their top games, including Hellfire, My Little Tank, GTS World Racing, Phaze, Westward, and Astraware Casino. World Racing was one of my favorite racing games.

Astraware’s Hellfire (left), My Little Tank (right).

Astraware; Hellfire (left), My Little Tank (right)

DDH Software

DDHHanDbaseDDH Software is famous for their HanDBase database manager. HanDBase allows you to create and edit databases right on your iPhone for whatever you want to track. A desktop version of the program (for Mac and PCs) accompanies the application and allows you to sync data with the mobile version.

DDH Software; HanDBase; ddhsoftware.com


ilium Software

iLium iPillsIlium recently ported eWallet to the iPhone, my favorite application for storing passwords and credit cards information. It also offers some other fine apps, including Apples2Oranges (an awesome conversion program), King’s Corner (based on the classic solitaire game, Kings in the Corners), and iPills (to help you manage the medicine you need to take each day).

ilium Software; iliumsoft.com







Ilium Software’s iPills

PDA Mill

PDA Mill Snails2PDA Mill PlumbingPDA Mill has iPhone versions of most of their hottest games. I’ve already purchased Snails, Gamebox Classics, and Plumbin Frenzy. They offer six free games for the iPhone and nine others under $3.00. Gamebox Gems can keep you entertained for hours. The Windows Mobile version of Snails won many awards, and Arvale was one of the best Windows Mobile RPGs (role-playing games) available. I recommend checking out all of their iPhone games.
Pda mill ArvalePDA Mill’s Snails (top left), Plumbin Frenzy (left), and Arvale (right).

PDA Mill; pdamill.com

SBSH Software

SPSH Safewallet, another very popular electronic wallet program for Windows Mobile, is now available for the iPhone. SBSH is very popular in the Windows Mobile world for their Pocket Breeze and PocketWeather applications, but Safewallet is the only app they’ve brought to the iPhone so far. I hope that will change.

SBSH Software; SafeWallet, Pocket Breeze/ PocketWeather; sbsh.net 

SPB Software House

SPB WalletSpbBrainSPB Software is very dedicated to the Windows Mobile community and continues to pump out awesome Windows Mobile apps, so it was a bit of a surprise to find out that they’d ported over two of their apps to the iPhone: SPB Wallet (yet another electronic wallet app) and SPB Brain Evolution (a “brain training” game).

 SPB Wallet (left) and SPB Brain Evolution (right).

SPB Software House
; spbsoftwarehouse.com




Vito Technology

Vito Task2GatherVito Task2Gather - Screen 2Vito is another company I was surprised to see enter the iPhone arena. It’s a company that has supported Windows Mobile for years with a variety of apps (Winterface is arguably their most successful WM app.) So far, they have released four apps for the iPhone: Star Walk (a star gazing guide), Swine Time (a game that tests your reaction time), HolyWars (a social networking app that lets you take part in quizzes and read the results), and Task2Gather (a to-do/task manager). The last one looks the best to me.

Vito Task2Gather (left/right)

Vito Technology; iwindowsmobile.com


Web Information Solutions

Note2SelfWeb Information Systems - PocketInformantWeb Information Solutions is the creator of Pocket Informant, one of the most successful and powerful organizational programs for Windows Mobile. They have ported Pocket Informant and Note2self to the iPhone, as well as releasing a new iPhone app called Deepfish. Note2self is a simple voice recorder and DeepFish helps you sync IMAP-based e-mail accounts to the iPhone.

Web Information Solutions Note2self (left) and Pocket informant (right)

Web Information Solutions; webis.net



DeveloperOne is another Windows Mobile developer that I’ve respected for years. They are the creator of Agenda Fusion, iFitOne, Code Wallet and more. So far, they haven’t released any iPhone apps, but a message at the bottom of their home page reads: “iPhone and iPod Touch Applications coming soon!”

DeveloperOne; developerone.com