Great Games Make Excellent Holiday Gifts

Great games not only make excellent gifts, they’re a good way to keep you and your family entertained during long holiday trips. This holiday game buyer’s guide covers the best titles in a number of genres. Each one offers many hours of engrossing gameplay and tremendous value for your holiday dollar. Whether you want to buy someone a gift that they will enjoy for months to come, or you want to make sure that time flies on a cross-country flight, these titles will keep you jolly well past New Years Day.

Final thoughts

As iPhone games mature, developers are creating more sophisticated titles that do more than show off the platform’s flashy graphics. All of the games in our holiday game buyer’s guide are best-in-class titles that can provide you and your loved ones with dozens of hours of engrossing, highly-portable entertainment. Considering the price of these titles, gameplay works out to pennies per hour—making iPhone games one of the best values in electronic entertainment.

Some of the very best games in a number of genres make excellent holiday gifts
Winter 2010
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