Create and Share Your art and Photos

Apple computers have long been associated with high quality digital imaging. The iPhone, since its emergence into the world just two and half years ago, has been following in the footsteps of its much larger desktop and laptop brethren. But just how far can one go with digital imaging and an iPhone?

There are well over a thousand photography apps currently available, and the list keeps growing. These are just a few of the very impressive apps you can use to create, print, and distribute sophisticated digital images from your iPhone, without a computer! Though I write about the iPhone, most of these apps (except for those dependent upon a built in camera) work for the iPod touch just as well. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot. But when you do spend, make it count.

Posting photos online

There are a number of ways you can distribute your creations directly from the iPhone other than Tubey and Animoto. For example you can get your work out to an even larger audience by using apps like Flickr Sender (free; to post your photos directly onto your Flickr account. You can also use Photobucket (free) to connect to the photo sharing site, or Pixelpipe (free; to upload images and even video to your Facebook page.

Creating and distributing artwork with your iPhone has never been easier, or more fun. Whether you’re a proud parent wanting to show your latest baby photos or an artist developing a new genre, the iPhone connects you with others in ways that can’t be done with a typical cell phone.

These apps let you enhance photos and post them online
Winter 2010
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