Fashionable and Functional Cases

The iPhone is considered one of the sleekest, sexiest smartphones on the market today. However, finding a case that doesn't spoil its style can be a challenge. You need something that not only protects the iPhone, but also suites your own lifestyle and personality. Whether you're a runner, an eco-conscious gal, or like keeping up with the latest fashion trends, there are iPhone cases for you. Here are five of my favorite, functional, and fashionable cases. Best of all, they each cost less than $35.



AeroSportIPhoneGriffin has improved upon their jogger-friendly iPhone armband with the new AeroSport case. Made from stretchy lycra, this lightweight band fits comfortably on any arm measuring up to 18 inches in diameter. It's different from Griffin's previous sport armbands in that it has a hidden pouch in the back of the case where you can safely store your house key during a run. AeroSport is a lot safer than holding your iPhone in your hand, or keeping it in your windbreaker's pocket during jogging sessions. Right now these cases are only available in grey.



NatureSleeveBe eco-chic and reduce your carbon footprint with one of these iPhone cases. Made from 70 percent recycled plastic, this durable hardshell case protects your phone and gives you full access to all phone controls and ports. Naturesleeve cases also come fully lined with soft velvet for additional protection. Not only are you doing your part for Mother Earth by carrying around a case that's made from reclaimed plastic bottles and cartons, but also a tree is planted through the America Forests program every time you purchase a case. Naturesleeve is available in matte white and matte black hues.

Chrome Slider


ChromeSliderCases and accessories for the iPhone have sure come a long way over the years. Case in point: This flashy Chrome Slider case from Incase. If you consider yourself a stylish trendsetter, this flashy iPhone accessory may be exactly what your iPhone needs. Don't worry; you don't have to sacrifice protection for beauty. The Chrome Slider is made from hard plastic which measures only 1mm in thickness. It even comes with inner rubber guardrails for additional shock absorption. With the purchase of a Chrome Slider case, you'll also get an S-Stand for viewing your iPhone in widescreen mode and an included 1 year warranty.

Speck PixelSkin


PixelSkinDoes your iPhone ever slip out of your hands? Or maybe you're like me and find its glossy exterior difficult to grip? Well, thankfully Speck has invented a case called the PixelSkin. It's made from flexible rubber and includes lots of little textured grooves to help you keep a tight hold on your phone. Not only that, if your iPhone does get dropped, the rubber adds a nice protective exterior barrier to your phone. Choose from five fashionable colors: purple, lime green, mauve, black, and white.

Juicy Couture Crest Case


JucyCaseFor all of the "fashionistas" out there, companies like Juicy Couture are coming to the rescue with chic cases like this pretty-in-pink Crest Case for the iPhone 3GS. With Juicy's signature logo imprinted on the back of the case, your iPhone will be wrapped in high fashion at a fraction of the cost of a Juicy handbag! Made from durable polycarbonate, this hard two-piece case gives you full access to your controls while preventing damage to your iPhone.

Active lifestyle or trendy wardrobe?

With this handful of assorted protective solutions for your iPhone, you get to decide which one best caters to your lifestyle and needs. Looking for one that suits your active lifestyle and goes with your trendy wardrobe? No problem, because with the affordable prices of each of these cases, you can easily have more than just one!

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