Web browsing shortcuts in Safari

iPhone safari search bar /address barHere are three tips that should make Web browsing in Safari easier:

No matter where you are on a Web page, you can tap the top edge of the screen to bring up the Address bar (this will bring you to the top of the screen as well). Tap the Address bar again to bring up the keyboard (as well as the convenient Google search bar underneath the Address bar).

If you want to enter in a new address on the Address bar, you don’t have to tap the X button to the right of it—just start typing, and your new address will automatically replace the old one.

When you are typing an address, remember that you don’t have to type “http://www” or “.com.” You can simply type “hotmail” and the page will load. Keep in mind that if the URL includes a suffix other than “.com” (such as “.net” or “.gov”), tap and hold on the “.com” button and select a different suffix.

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