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Hal Goldstein (hal @ iphonelife.com) is the founder, partner, and Senior Editor of  iPhone Life. Hal founded Thaddeus Computing in May 1985, and remains CEO (www.thaddeus.com). Since its inception, Thaddeus Computing has written about, bought, and sold pre-owned mobile computers. Hal lives in Fairfield, Iowa, with his wife and co-founder, Rita.

4 Upcoming Developer Events


There are 4 upcoming developer events, two at the end of this month in Silicon Valley, one in Denver in September, and one in Boston in October. Each has a different flavor to it. Two are from highly respected publishing companies, another specializes in technical conferences, and the other is a non-profit annual get-together. Here are the conferences in chronological order:

Lions, Tigers, and Bears on the iPhone, Oh My!


To tell you the truth, I was not very enthusiastic when one of our bloggers and contributing writers, Todd Bernhard, told me about his 100sounds program. However, I did enjoy it more than I thought playing the various sounds ranging from an air raid to a bugle to clapping to doorbell, etc. Then when Todd told me about 100animals and 100birds,


Under $50: Good Noise Reduction Headphones


 I travel quite a bit, and love to listen to my iTunes music and audio programs. Trying to listen on planes and other noisy environments with standard earphones takes away much of the pleasure. I’ve been tempted by the ads for the $300 noise reduction headphones, but that seems awfully steep.

Summer iPhone Life waiting for Apple Announcements


This year the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference will be held in San Fransico from June 8-12. 

MLB.com At Bat 2009: Must-have APP for any Baseball Fan


I actually wrote this post as the game I describe below unfolded!

I start the MLB app that I recently bought from the App store. It’s opening day for the Chicago White Sox, and I click on the game, and glance at my iPod touch screen. It is the top of the eighth with KC leading 2 to 1. As you can see from the screen shot, the White Sox just replaced relievers. There are no outs and the count is 1 and 2. The screen updates with every pitch.

Lifelong Learning and Concatenating audio files


 If you love to learn, have I got a URL for you! The Teaching Company gathers top university professors from around the country. These great teachers lecture on topics ranging from Quantum Mechanics to Biblical Wisdom to the History of Ancient Egypt to the Fundamentals of Music to Building Great Sentences and so much more. There are both audio and video courses, many of which are on sale throughout the year.

$199 iPhone Life ad: Opportunity for small developers

Hope folks don't mind this plug, but we've come up with a way for folks to advertise in iPhone Life for only $199. The advertiser fills out a simple form, and we create the ad for them.

We are right against deadline -- after this long wait we are finally ready to print issues of iPhone Life every three months. This upcoming issue mails mid-March. Heck, if this campaign is succesful, we could come out more often.

2009 Publishing Schedule for iPhone Life

Our 2009 publishing schedule has been announced. We appreciate your patience! The four issues will be mailed to subscribers and newsstands on the following dates:

Spring '09: March 20;

Summer '09: June 9;

Fall '09: Sept 1;

Winter  '10: Nov 24

Stylus for my iPod touch -- who would have thunk!


In our Windows Mobile publication, I wrote an article about 5 things Microsoft could learn from the iPhone. One thing was that a "touch screen is for touching". After years of fumbling with a stylus for the Pocket PC, I found the natural touch-based iPod touch user interface a relief.

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