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Winners of Best App Ever Awards 2009


Tonight 148 Apps announced the winners of their Best App Ever contest.  There were 27,000 initial nominees from which they selected 560 finalists. Voting was held during January with over 300,000 votes cast. Awards were given in 56 categories.

And the winner of The of the Best App Ever award goes to...the envelope please... Pocket God by Bolt Creative.

Winners in some of the other catagories were:
Most Innovative App- Tweetie 2 by atebits
Most Useful App- Instapaper Pro by Marco Arment
Best Productivity App- Dropbox by Dropbox
Best Productivity Killer- Canabalt by Semi Secret Software

iPhone Life Coverage of Macworld


I finally made it to Macworld and it's already been an exciting trip.  I was in Chicago for the birth of my first grandchild, Noa. Can you tell Grandpa is an iPhone fanatic? Yes, that's a picture of an iPhone on her shirt. The apps are drool, smile, sleep, pee, eat etc. Anyway the night before my trip,  I got a call that my flight was cancelled. I rebooked for a 6 AM flight, fought a snowstorm to get to the airport, and finally settled in for my trip to San Francisco. It was an uneventful flight except for a guy sitting next to me with serious intestinal issues. I thought that the oxygen masks were going to come down at one point in the trip.

Today, publisher Hal Goldstein and I will be setting up our booth in preparation for the beginning of Macworld. We'll be handing out thousands of our soon-to-be-on-newsstands latest issue (which, I might add, includes coverage of the iPad...beat that Macworld magazine). I'll be there tweeting and blogging to keep you informed of the latest and greatest apps, gadgets, and news for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. I'm hoping to include pictures, video and, if I get lucky, a live video stream via Ustream. If there's something you'd like me to check out, just leave a comment here.

If you'll be at Macworld, please stop by our booth (#567) and say hi.  You'll meet some wonderful people and will be able to participate in some special events we have planned.

iPhone Headphones and the MacBook Pro

So I'm working on my MacBook Pro and listening to music with my iPhone headphones connected to the computer.  I take a break and happen to look down and see the buttons on the headphone and begin to wonder if they will control iTunes on my MacBook.  I decide to give it a try and son of a gun, they work. The upper and lower buttons control the volume. One click of the middle button paused the music. Two clicks and I was listening to the next song. Three clicks and I was back to the previous song.  

I thought I had made the discovery of the year. I was ready to go online and spread the word and show the world my genius. I was ready for the accolades to start coming in. Fame was mine!

iPhone Life Comes to Twitter


iPhone Life magazine has begun to post on a regular basis on Twitter. You'll find tips, tricks, news items, links to our blogs and other great information relating to the iPhone and iPod touch.

iPhone’s Spotlight Search; Almost Great



I was on Arthur Ave (the Little Italy of Bronx, NY) recently with my best friend and we decided to have lunch at this little restaurant we happened to walk by, Emilia’s. Neither of us had eaten there before so we thought we’d give it a try. It was beyond amazing. We decided to add it to our Contacts so that we’d remember it for future reference. Now we are both at an age that we knew that we wouldn’t remember the name of the restaurant 10 minutes later, but we would remember that it was in the Bronx. Just for the heck of it, my friend did a Spotlight Search using the term “Bronx” and nothing showed up.

How to Speed Up Your iPhone Syncs


iPhone syncs were never known to be speedy, but mine were getting ridiculous. I found that they were taking 3 to 4 hours to complete. I dreaded having to sync my iPhone whenever I wanted to add new media or just to update my information. I would start my syncs before going to bed so that they would finish sometime during the night and I wouldn’t be without my phone. I noticed that the backup that iTunes performs before each sync was taking forever to complete. 

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