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David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life magazine. In addition to an obsession with all things Apple, David enjoys backpacking and ultimate Frisbee. David has traveled to over 20 countries. To contact David you can email him at Davida@thaddeus.com

There's an App for that: Ultimate Frisbee


As the app store grows, apps are being developed to fill all areas of our life. From astronomy to hunting there's now an app for that. This is the first of what i hope will be a regular column looking at apps for niche markets that may surprise you. This first blog will look at a niche market that's near to my heart-- Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate is the fastest growing sport in America. For those of you who have never heard of ultimate, here is a brief description from the USA ultimate website.

Case Review: Apple's Case Give Away. Get your free case before it ends.


Apple recently announced that they will be discontinuing there free case program on September 30th. If you haven't already gotten your free case from Apple, you have 17 days and counting. To get sign up for your free case, simply download Apple's iPhone 4 Case Program app and follow the instructions (it's very quick and easy).

Study Shows: iPhone users have more sex than other smartphone users


According to a post on dating site Okcupid.com's blog, iPhone users are more sexually active than other smartphone users. OkCupid looked at iPhone, Android and blockberry users between the ages of 18 and 40 who are on members of their free dating site.

Here is a link to the full article. The blog post also has interesting data on what cameras make you look more attractive (hint it's not a phone camera.) Special thanks to Olivia for bringing this article to my attention


What's your favorite app or accessory? We want to publish it



The staff here at iPhone Life is hard at work creating The Buyers Guide for our next issue and we want your help!

We will be featuring your recommendations in the buyers guide. If you would like to recommend an app for our next issue fill out this form.  Please share this with your iphone friends - all those people who use an app they can't live without!  


Here is a mock up of what the list will look like. This is only a mock up and not for publication


The iBible: Does an Increase in Bible App Sales Imply a Shift in Demographics?


According to the Atlantic Monthly, on Monday, a bible app cracked the top 10 highest grossing iPad book apps of all time. The NIV Bible Reader is currently getting 3,000 downloads a day.  The app is also ranked number 2 on the iPhone just behind Green Eggs and Ham.

iPhone 4 Coming to T-Mobile?


According to Cult of Mac, T-Mobile is very close to finalizing a deal with Apple that would allow them to sell the iPhone starting this fall. The article quotes  a  "highly placed source" inside T-Mobile who claims that talks between the two companies are in the advanced stages and says there is an 80 percent chance that T-Mobile will start selling the iPhone 4 in the 3rd Quarter of this year.

Consumer Reports can't recommend iPhone 4 due to antenna issues

After testing the iPhone 4 in their " radio frequency (RF) isolation chamber" Consumer Reports concluded that the new iphone's reception problems are more than a software glitch.  They have decided not to reccomend the iPhone 4 until Apple solves the reception problem.

 In a post on their website, Consumer Reports' Mike Gikas said:

Betting on the iPhone - the odds of iPhone 4's success

UPDATE: And the correct answer is (drum roll please)....Over 1.5 Million! According to an early estimate by Oppenheimer analyst Yair Reiner. That is amazing.


Bookmaker.com emailed us this today. Thought it was interesting enough to pass on to all of you. I'll try to post an update tomorrow and let you know what the actual number is...


Got the iPhone 4 but I can't use it!

I'm sitting here on hold with AT&T staring at my new iPhone 4 wishing I could use it! Unfortunately in the mayhem and glitches of pre-order day I got assigned a new number rather than having my current iPhone upgraded.  It's now the 5th hour of talking to AT&T. I think I've been on hold for 4 of those hours. This music is driving me crazy, WHY GOD DID SUCH A BEAUTIFUL  PIECE OF HARDWARE HAVE TO BE PARTNERED WITH SUCH TERRIBLE SERVICE!?!?


One of my threats while dealing with the 6 different departments and managers I've been transfered to was that I would write a terrible review of AT&T on our website (unfortunately I didn't take names). But here is it. What are your AT&T horror stories? Post below


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