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David Averbach is the CEO and Publisher of iPhone Life magazine. In addition to an obsession with all things Apple, David enjoys backpacking and ultimate Frisbee. David has traveled to over 20 countries. To contact David you can email him at Davida@thaddeus.com

Find my Device Service Now Free with iOS 4.2


Apple released the long awaited upgrade to its mobile operating system, iOS 4.2, yesterday. Lost in the excitement of multitasking and folders for iPad are some cool features for the iPhone and iPod Touch. With the release of 4.2 Apple now offers it's find my iPhone (or iPad or iPod Touch) feature for free without a MobileMe account. This service uses GPS to help users find their device if lost or stolen. It also allows users to display a message on their phone or to wipe the phone's data. 

Kurt Warner's Football 101


Associate editor Benjamin Katz and I recently had the opportunity interview former NFL quarterback Kurt Warner for an upcoming issue. Kurt has recently released Kurt Warner's Football 101 lite. The iPad app is the first of a series of children's apps that Kurt plans to release in partnership with "Good Sports Gang LLC".  According to Kurt, the goal of these apps are to use sports to encourage education and family values.

Loop Business Expo



We will be giving away free issues of iPhone Life magazine at the Loop Business Expo in Orlando, FL on December 8th. 

The expo is for all business end users that use Apple Mac’s, iPhones, & iPads for their day to day business. Admission for the expo is FREE. They will have over 50 manufacturers & developers from all over the world showcasing their business solutions for the Mac

Video Review: iPhone Life App

Our friends at Crazy Mike's Apps recently posted a video review of our app. See video below:


Do you Tango?


Because I do. I Tangoed last night. For those of you not in the know, Tango is a new app that let's you make free mobile video calls (facetime). There are three reasons why this is exciting:

1. Tango lets you make video calls using 3g. This means you are no longer tied to wifi to make or receive video calls

2. Tango lets you make calls across platforms. This means that I can facetime with my friends who own android phones. (not that I would want to)

3. it's FREE!!

How Smartphone Users view eachother


C-Section Comics recently posted this cartoon on smartphone users. I thought it was worth sharing. 

Great Documentary on Steve Jobs


Steve Job's is one of the most intriguing and controversial figures of our generation. Bloomberg has created an excellent documentary about him  as part of their game changer series. The link is below. It is certainly worth watching.


App Hall of Fame announces first inductees


Our friends at 148apps.com have recently launched a new website called App Hall of Fame. Each month the committee (Of which iPhone Life is a member) votes on the best apps of all time. The website then inducts 12 apps into the "hall of fame". The result is the site becomes a resource for the best apps ever made. According to the site:

iPhone Coming to Verizon? WSJ thinks so


Can you hear me now? Good!

Fake iPhone Commercial Turns into a Wedding Proposal (Can't miss video)


This is one of the better iPhone Videos I've seen. Here's the backstory:

"I proposed to my girlfriend, Vy, by writing a song and making a music video for her. We went out to see a film at our favorite movie theater and she was completely surprised once she figured out what was playing on the screen wasn't actually an iPhone commercial. "

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