ZAGG Speaker Case and Fantastic 4-themed Savings

At CES, I saw a demo of an early model of the ZAGG Speaker Case which is currently 40 percent off at $59.99. The case is more of a bumper with a Bluetooth detachable speaker in back. Now I have one to actually test out. Zagg also sent over a Fantastic 4-themed iPhone 6 back cover, which marks ZAGG's partnership with 20th Century Fox to promote the latest Marvel Comics movie.

zagg speaker caseZAGG definitely hit the right notes to attract users to the new Speaker Case. First, it's easily detached and attached, and has a great puck-like form for slapping down on a conference room table. Secpmd, it has an 1800mAh battery to boost your device. Finally, the detachable speaker part has a set of external controls that allow it to function as a basic speakerphone. It was dead easy to install and pair up to my iPhone 6 and it worked well in my testing. The speaker is small but surprisingly loud, though distortion is present at higher volumes.

That about sums up what is right about the Speaker Case. Let's take a look at what could be improved. For one, there are no volume controls on the speaker itself, though it does have a mute function. You can take calls, but can't initiate them, so again if you think you can leave your iPhone 6 in a handbag or briefcase while you use this in a conference room, in doesn't quite get you all the way there.

As a case, this product will protect iPhone reasonably well, having a hard plastic bumper shell encircling the edges, and the speaker itself protecting the back (though the speaker itself is vulnerable to abuse). The front-side bumper edges stand off enough to give some screen protection as well. Bluetooth pairing was easy and quick, and I didn't notice any reception or connection issues while using it. At 1800 mAh, I calculated that you could use the charge to squeeze out another 10 hours of talk time and likely twice or more that amount for running just the speaker functions. 

Not part of our review, but I have to provide at least a quick mention about the themed Fantastic-4 cover Zagg sent over (which is awesome)! The cover not only applies flexible rubbery protection (not unlike Reed Richards) to your iPhone, but includes an awesome depiction of the new movie characters on the back. Who wouldn't want the Fantastic-4 protecting their iPhone, eh?

Zagg will be having Fantastic 4-themed sales in the next couple of weeks, which will offer customers the opportunity to save on Zagg products:

  • 7/28–7/31: Mr. Fantastic Sale – Savings on various bundles​ where the more you spend the more you save
  • 8/04–8/07: Invisible Woman Sale – Buy one, get one free for all InvisibleShield purchases


  • Battery-backed speaker is light and detachable


  • Detachable Speaker could use more speakerphone functions
  • Some distortion at high volumes

Final Verdict

The Speaker Case is a great fit for any mobile warrior needing the ability to quickly spin up a conference call. However, it needs a few more conference-call features before it can replace the batphone-like systems you might find in a real corporate setting. As a mobile speaker it pumps the volume, but doesn't do so well at high volumes for the music or movies one might use it for in a group setting. That it also works as a battery is a definite plus, so I like the product, but think it might benefit from a few added features.

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