WWDC 2019: What New iOS 13, watchOS 6 & macOS 10.15 Features Will Apple Announce?

WWDC, Apple’s annual developers conference is coming up fast. From June 3 to 7, developers who attend the conference will get to participate in seminars and labs with Apple engineers. What’s even more exciting for iPhone users who aren't developers? Apple will kick off the conference by introducing all the new features of its upcoming software releases: iOS 13, watchOS 6, and macOS 10.15 during a special event on June 3. This year’s WWDC keynote press invitations featured a series of neon illustrations of Animojis against a black background. It seems likely that the invitation is making reference to the much-anticipated iOS 13 Dark Mode as well as the expansion of Animojis and Memojis to the Mac and Apple Watch. Here’s a roundup of everything we’re expecting Apple to announce during the keynote.

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iOS 13 Rumors

While Apple typically times its iOS releases to coincide with the release of its new iPhones in the fall, you may get the opportunity to try out iOS 13 early by joining Apple’s beta software testing program. Apple should share details about when iOS 13 beta will be available during the keynote.

Here are some of the new features rumored to be included in iOS 13 (in addition to the usual speed improvements and bug fixes), most of which were first reported by Bloomberg and 9to5Mac.


The new improved Mail app will be able to organize your emails into categories such as work, personal, shopping, etc. You will also be able to mute threads, mark emails to be read later, and block contacts.

iOS 13 for iPad:

iOS 13 is expected to include some new features just for iPad. Rumors indicate the iPad will get a redesigned Home screen and a new undo/redo gesture. The 2018 iPad Pro is expected to get mouse support. iPad multitasking will also see a big improvement with the addition of the ability to have multiple windows or tabs open in an app. These new features along with a revamped Files app show Apple’s commitment to making the iPad.


The Messages app is expected to get a dedicated Animoji menu and you’ll also be able to create a Messages profile for yourself, with a profile pic and display name, much like you can in WhatsApp.


Anyone who loves the SwiftKey keyboard will be pleased to hear that Apple is expected to add a native swipe keyboard. We should also see a new font manager.

Dark Mode:

Apple users have been requesting Dark Mode for their iOS devices ever since it was released with macOS Mojave. This darker palette of this feature is great for both nighttime use and for times when you want to focus on the app you are using instead of being distracted by bright controls and backgrounds.

Expanded Health Tracking Capabilities:

iOS 13 will allow users to track their hearing health and take advantage of the improved hearing aid integration in the Accessibility settings (which will be located in the main Settings menu instead of buried in the General settings).

More Siri Improvements:

Expect better filtering of ambient noise by Siri, plus the ability for Siri to distinguish between different voices on the HomePod.

Other Features:

Other new iOS 13 features we expect Apple to announce include CarPlay improvements (though no details are available yet on that one), Live Photos lasting six seconds rather than three, the merging of the Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps, a new Sleep Mode, a revamped Reminders app, and less intrusive on-screen volume controls.

What We Won’t See:

5G and new AR capabilities are not coming until iOS 14 according to Bloomberg

watchOS 6

In addition to some new complications and watch faces, expanded health tracking, and Animojis, expect the Apple Watch to be even more independent from the iPhone starting with the release of watchOS 6. The Apple Watch should be getting its own App Store for downloading apps directly from the watch. Apple will also be releasing Apple Watch versions of Calculator, Voice Memos, and Books, which means users will be able to download audiobooks directly to their watch.

tvOS 13

While Apple is expected to release a new version of tvOS 13, we haven’t heard any rumors as of this writing about what new features the update might include.

macOS 10.15

At iPhone Life our focus is mainly Apple’s mobile devices along with the HomePod and Apple TV. So we don’t write much about the Mac, although we love Apple computers. That’s why we’re so excited about Marzipan, Apple’s SDK, that makes it possible for 3rd-party app developers to develop cross-platform apps for both Macs and iPad. Bloomberg speculates that down the line it will be possible to download a single version of an app on multiple Apple devices and that Apple will then combine the different app stores into a single entity.

Other rumored macOS 10.15 features we’re excited about: Mac versions of the Apple Podcasts app and the unified Find My Friends/iPhone app, Siri Shortcuts, Messages effects, and Screen Time.

Will There Be More?

While the focus of WWDC is always software, it’s possible Apple will use the keynote to announce more details about the Apple TV Plus and Apple Arcade Services it announced in March. We may also see a long-awaited update to the Mac Pro, but the rumors are light on details about Apple’s premium desktop. Could it be more wishful thinking than anything else?


What are you hoping Apple will announce during the 2019 WWDC keynote? Let us know in the comments.

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