The Wireless Keyboard Apple Should Have Made

Do you ever find yourself fumbling around at night for the correct function key on your Mac keyboard? Maybe your screen is bright enough to see what you’re doing, but if that's the case then chances are you’ve been losing sleep. If these problems sound familiar to you, then Matias has the solution you’ve been looking for to keep you oriented in the dark without costing you sleep. Read on to learn more about the wired keyboard Apple should have made.

Matias introduces the RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard ($99) with Mac-friendly function keys. This keyboard comes with extra USB ports, so you can keep all your devices charged and connected to your Mac. The backlit keys are easy to see in the dark, plus they just look cool. You can control the light using the Spectrum Color Dial on the keyboard and select whatever color you prefer. This also lets you reduce your exposure to blue light at night. Too much blue light messes with your sleep patterns, but the Matias keyboard is designed to allow you to fade out the blue and get the softer whites you need in order to get a good night’s sleep. You also have complete control over the brightness of the backlight directly from the keyboard using the backlight function key. When you’re finally ready for bed, you can use the function key along with the escape key to quickly turn the backlight off.

For those of you who prefer a faster response time from your keyboard, this wired model will solve your delay problems. Wireless devices talk to the Mac via Bluetooth, causing a delay, however small. And let’s not forget the wireless issue of having to periodically charge a battery before you can type. With the wired aluminum keyboard from Matias, you can get to work right away. With the standard Mac function keys, plus the added functionality of the backlight and extra USB ports, this keyboard is a heavy hitter for serious Mac users who want to get the job done without sacrificing sleep.

If you're tired of lag between your Mac and your wireless keyboard, need some extra USB ports, or want to see your function keys at night without exposing yourself to blue light, then head on over to Matias and check out the RGB Backlit Wired Aluminum Keyboard today.



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