Ultimate Apple Watch Guide

Getting a new Apple Watch? Skip the learning curve and get step-by-step video instructions with iPhone Life Insider’s latest guide: Getting Started with Apple Watch. In this eight-part series, you’ll gain confidence in using all of the basic features of your Apple Watch. This in-depth video guide includes how to set up your Apple Watch, tailor your watch’s settings, customize your watch face, send texts, and much more. When you become an iPhone Life Insider, you receive instant access to this guide, along with all the other benefits of the Insider program. I’ll cover what those benefits are, but first make sure you check out the sneak peak intro video to the Getting Started with Apple Watch guide below.

Introduction to Getting Started with Apple Watch

Table of Contents

Here’s a quick list of all the videos you’ll find in the Getting Started with Apple Watch guide:

  1. Setting Up Your Apple Watch
  2. Tailoring Your Settings
  3. Navigating Apps
  4. Checking Notifications
  5. Using Siri
  6. Customizing Your Watch Face
  7. Making Calls
  8. Sending Texts

All the Benefits of an iPhone Life Insider Membership

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