tStand: The iPad Stand for Every Angle

The biggest problem with the iPad is holding it. Depending on how and where you’re using it, you want different angles for your level of comfort and usability. The Tstand seeks to solve this issue. What began as a Kickstarter to raise ten thousand dollars, has skyrocketed beyond the 150,000 mark with three days to go. Optimized for screen viewing with healthy posture and optimal relaxation, it’s perfect for both the office and lounging at home.

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I have an iPad, but to be honest, I don’t use it nearly as often as I would like. The times of day when I would use it, I’m relaxing and ready to watch Netflix. But I end up watching it on my computer, because I don’t want to hold the iPad. Tstand fixes this conundrum by allowing various options and angles for hands-free viewing.

The base of the stand is a steel frame designed so that it can lay across your stomach or turn the iPad into an office desktop. Promoted to fit into most 13” iPad sleeves and weighing in at just over a pound, the Tstand seems fairly portable. The iPad grips are expandable, so the Tstand is able to accommodate many different tablet models and even the newly released iPad Pro.

I could definitely see where as an artist the Tstand would act as an awesome easel for holding your iPad canvas. Or for a cook, Tstand would keep the device above your work station while providing easy view of recipes. Kickstarter orders are set to ship December 15 for arrival in time for Christmas. To learn more, watch the Tstand Kickstarter video below.


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