Top 4 Most Popular Apps for Live Streaming Your Life

It is now possible to live stream anything you want or to tune into a livestream from anywhere in the world. As long as you have a smart phone, live broadcasting in high-definition is now available to everyone. These apps will be sure to please anyone with the desire to start live streaming or following content.

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Periscope (Free)

This Twitter-owned app was designed for HD broadcasting, and just so happens to be the most popular for live streaming. Thanks to its connection to Twitter, it's easy for Periscope users to stay in touch with their followers while using both apps at once and it has a very simple interface for those new to the app. 

Mixlr (Free)

Mixlr was designed to broadcast audio specifically. It does not have a video feature, but it is highly rated for users who broadcast news and sports and for radio stations, musicians, and even DJ’s.  This application is perfect for users that want to conveniently present their work to traditional audio listeners around the globe.

Twitter (Free)

Since its creation, Twitter has gone viral when it comes down to instantaneous news and stories. From CNN to the average person, your message is shared to the international public. With Twitter's purchase of Periscope, it is now possible to live stream in HD from the Twitter app even if you don’t have Periscope available on your mobile device.  

Facebook (Free)

Since its establishment in early 2004, Facebook has become the most used social media platform. Now there’s a new feature called “Facebook Live,” which allows users to broadcast in HD and followers to rewatch the livestream after the live broadcast is finished.  Followers can post comments in real time and are able to share streams amongst their friends list.  

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