Top 11 Tips for Getting the Most from Your iPhone's Calendar App

Top 11 Tips for Getting the Most from Your iPhone's Calendar App

I have a standing appointment with my barber, but she needed to change the day of two of our appointments. I took out my iPad and simply dragged the old appointment that needed to be changed to the new day. It couldn't have been easier. This tip and others can help you get the most out of your calendar app. Let's take a look at 13 of the best. Click on each title to read the full tip.

1. Reschedule Appointments by Dragging and Dropping

If you need to change an appointment from Tuesday at 2 p.m. to Wednesday at 2 p.m., lightly press and hold the appointment and drag it to Wednesday. If you need to change the time of an appointment, drag it to the new time.

2. Quickly Edit Calendar Events with Siri

In addition to dragging and dropping, you can also conveniently edit the time, day, location, title, and attendees of Calendar events using Siri. Simply say, "Change my Tuesday appointment at 2 o'clock to 2:15." Or change the location by saying, "Change the location of my Tuesday appointment at 2 o'clock." Siri will then ask for the new location.

3. Use Siri to Schedule Events

By far the quickest way to schedule an event is to simply ask Siri to do it. To keep Siri from confusing a calendar event with a reminder, begin your request with the verb "schedule." For example, you can say, "Schedule my haircut for Monday at 11 a.m." Siri will reply, "OK, I set up your event for Monday. Shall I schedule it?" Say, "Yes," and you're all set.

4. Change the Default Alert Time in Calendar

Most of my appointments are nearby, and I need an alert about 30 minutes in advance. So I changed the default. To change the default alert interval, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Default Alert Times. You can set defaults for Birthdays, Events, and All Day Events.

5. Integrate Travel Time into Calendar Events

Integrate Travel Time into Calendar Events

To make your event alerts even more useful, your Calendar app can automatically add in the amount of time it will take you to travel to your appointment. When you add an event, enter the Location. Then tap Travel Time, and toggle on the Travel Time option. You can then indicate whether you're driving or walking, and based on your location at the time, your alert will automatically be adjusted to include travel time.

6. Invite People to Your Event

If you're setting up a meeting, the Calendar app makes it easy to invite those you want to attend. When creating or editing an event, tap on Invitees. You can then select email addresses from your Contacts. The Invitees tab will be updated to show how many people you've invited, and your event will show responses from the invitees.

7. How to Accept Invites

How To Accept Invites in the Calendar App

If you're on the receiving end of an invitation to an event in Calendar, you'll need to know how to accept it. To see your pending invitations, tap on Inbox in the lower right corner of the Calendar app. You can choose from Accept, Maybe, or Decline. Tap the event to see more information. 

8. View Details of an Appointment in Month View

View Daily Events in Calendar Month View

If you're viewing your appointments in Month view on you iPhone and want to see details without changing the view, simply tap on the third icon from the right at the top of the Calendar app. Then when you tap on a specific day in month view, a window will open up at the bottom of the screen that shows the details of your appointments for that day.

9. How to Display and Hide Birthdays

How to Display and Hide Birthdays in the Calendar App

By default, if you have someone's birthday in your contacts, your calendar will create an event for that date. This is a nice feature, but it can get out of hand, especially if you have hundreds of Facebook friends, whose birthdays also appear. You can choose whether birthdays show up in Calendar, and can choose whether to include Facebook events, by tapping on Calendars at bottom center. 

10. Change What Day Your Week Starts

By convention, calendars typically show one's week beginning on Sunday. But you can change the view in Calendar so your week begins on a Monday or any other day. Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Start Week On, and then select your preferred day of the week. 

11. Share a Calendar with Others

How to Grant and Revoke Access to Shared Calendars

The Calendar app lets you share a calendar with individuals and groups, including the option of giving them the ability to edit. Tap on Calendars at bottom center, and then tap on the circled "i" for the calendar that you want to share. Tap on Add Person, and then enter a person's name or a group name. An email will be sent inviting the person or persons to join your calendar. Also, if you're using the Family Sharing feature, this tip explains how to add an event to your Family Calendar.


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