Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

The iPhone 6s has some new features we’ve never seen before on iPhone. With the addition of 3D Touch and Live Photos, a whole new world of tips open up for getting the most from your device. I scoured our list of tips to bring you the top how-tos for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. The list includes tips for utilizing Peek & Pop functions of 3D Touch and how to get the most from your Live Photos. If you haven’t made the upgrade plunge check out Sarah and David’s debate on whether or not you should buy the iPhone 6s.

Live Photo Tips

How to Take Live Photos

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

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Considered one of the more gimmicky features of the iPhone 6s, Live Photos are still a lot of fun. When you open the camera app, Live Photo is automatically engaged. Here’s the details on how to take a Live Photo.


How to Turn Live Photos into GIFs

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

One of the downsides of Live Photos is that they can only be shared with other iPhone users. Top social media websites will likely add the ability to upload them eventually, but in the meantime, here’s how to turn a Live Photo into a GIF and share it everywhere.


How to Delete the Live Photo Version of a Photo

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

Perhaps you forgot to turn off the Live Photo feature before you took a bunch of photos. Or, maybe a Live Photo you took includes a sound bite you’d rather not have on record: here’s how to delete the live version of a Live Photo.


How to Set a Live Photo as Your Lock Screen

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

Live Photos made for really fun Lock Screen photos that animate with the press of a finger. Here’s how to set one as a background.


3D Touch Tips

How to “Right Click” on App Icons

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

The foundation of Quick Actions. How to “Right Click” will get you started on your 3D Touch journey.


How to Read a Message without Triggering a Read Receipt

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

This tip is quietly sneaky. If you have your Read Receipt setting on but want to preview a message without letting the person know, here’s how to do it.


Quickly Select and Edit Text with 3D Touch

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

Your keyboard can turn into a trackpad! This makes selecting text more precise and editing faster.


How to Quickly Preview an Email on Your iPhone 6s

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

Need to check an email without checking an email? Use Peak to look inside without making actually opening an email. I love this because the email remains unread.


How to Preview a Photo Without Leaving the Camera App

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

No more switching back and forth between the Camera app and Photos app. Use 3D Touch to preview the photos you’ve taken and easily return to shooting.


How to Make More Nuanced Sketches in Notes

Top 10 Tips for iPhone 6s Users

This is a tip for all iPhones but I’ve included it in this list because there’s an extra feature iPhone 6s users can utilize. When drawing, how firmly you press determines line thickness.


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